Scottish man wins ‘husband from hell’ title with outrageous demands

Plenty of  men have had a go at vying for the title of ‘world’s worst husband’ – buying your wife an ironing board for her birthday, or agreeing that, yes, the dress does make her bum look big, are two easy ways to get in the running.

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But a Scottish man has outdone the lot with behaviour so outrageous that he’s been dubbed the ‘husband from hell’, and a court has found him guilty of multiple charges of abuse.

Robert Simmons, 62, was accused of compiling a list of jobs he expected wife Karen to complete every day, which he made sure she did by dividing her day into 15-minute time-slots, the Daily Record reported.

A court in Scotland also heard that Simmons forced Karen to carry a ‘mistake book’ in which she had to write down every instance in which she failed to please him, with police reportedly finding hundreds of such notebooks in the couple’s home.

It was alleged that Simmons insisted she homeschool their six children so she could have no interaction with other adults such as fellow school parents. Simmons was also accused of setting rigid rules for the entire household, that he frequently changed, making it impossible for them not to be broken.

One of the punishments for breaking the rules or displeasing Simmons was being hosed down with cold water.

According to the Daily Record, the accused showed no remorse when arrested, after Karen finally complained. Instead, he justified his behaviour by saying that his wife had taken a “vow of obedience” when they married.

Simmons pleaded guilty to 11 charges charges and was told he faced prison when sentenced next month.

Have you ever heard of a case like this before?