The 9 Most Unhealthy Foods To Avoid


Studies have said all the time that artificial sugars can make more appetite, carb craving, fat storages and weight gain too. a study recently said saccharin and aspartame make more weight gain than plain sugar.

Processed meat makes more risk of cancer, bowel cancer and no meat like this is safe. No more deli meats and get organic meats and fish or salmon

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Veggie oils and margarine are bad too and have trans fats. Cook with coconut oil.

No microwave popcorn, table salt, potatoes, soy items, soy protein…

Canned foods have BPA a toxin. This makes acidity and gets in the blood. Eat fresh veggies and fruits and keep food in glass containers.

Dr. Mercola said…

A lot of foods are promoted as good but they are junk foods. in the article Clean Plates, Jared Koch shares the 9 foods that are bad for us.

1. Canned tomatoes

Many can brands have BPA the toxin that makes fetus abnormalities, neurological defects, risk of breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart issues. Consumer Report said a few servings of this makes risk for kids and BPA in them. This also makes acidity and to avoid it, get fresh veggies and fruits or fresh tomatoes.

2. Processed meat

Koch warns salami, ham, roast beef are all from animal farm breeding and they have hormones, drugs and antibiotics. Also they are full of sodium nitrite and colors. Nitrites are changes to nitrosamines in us and they make cancer. Studies linked nitrites to colorectal, pancreas and belly cancer. Most deli meats have cancer chemicals and they are made in cooking! Heterocyclic amines: items in meat when cooked on high heat. Avoid processed meat. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: many meats are smoked before cooking and they form PAHs. Also this is made with grilling. Fat drips on the heat, this makes more smoke and smoke gets in food, thus making cancer risks. Advanced glycation end products: when we cook on high heat, this makes more AGEs and they make oxidation stress inside us, also inflammation, heart issues, kidney issues and diabetes.

Processed meats are not good and must be all skipped, said review of 2011 with over 7000 studies linking diet and cancer. This was provided by World Cancer Research Fund who used money from the general people public. In the biggest review it was said these meats make cancer risks, bowel cancer and must be replaced with organic meat and salmon.

3. Margarine

The low fat diet craze is bad and removed good fats like butter. But margarine is awful and has many bad items. Trans fats: spreads and shortenings are made during hydrogenation and this makes oils solid fats. Trans fat makes heart issues, cancer, bone issues, hormone imbalance, skin problems, infertility and pregnancy problems, low birth weight, growth issues and learning problems. The USA government decided this is unsafe. Free radicals: these and other toxins are due to high heat processing of veggie oils. This makes cancer and heart problems. Preservatives and emulsifiers: many additives are suspicious like those in spreads. They are stabilized with BHT! Hexane and solvents: for extraction and can be toxic.

The CLA can fight cancer and diabetes, make you lose weight and this does not go for margarine and trans fats.

The butter from grass fed cows is the best and has conjugated linoleic acid. Read Healthy Fats of my Optimized Nutrition Plan to see saturated good fats.

4. Veggie oils

They are the worst maybe. They are not healthy at all. They are processed and when eaten a lot, as with USA people, they imbalance the omega 3 and 9 ratio which has to be 1:1. When you cook, you have risk of heat induced risks the oils have to resist chemical change with high heat. These oils change good cholesterol in bad and make oxidation of it. When you cook with polyunsaturated veggie oils like soy, corn, canola, the oxidation cholesterol gets in you. This oil is heated and mixed with oxygen and then it goes rancid. This rancid oil must NEVER be eaten since it makes vascular damage. Trans fats are seen in these oils and they make risk of breast and heart problems and cancers.

Best oil for cooking?

Coconut is the best since is all saturated fat and has no heat damage. It is the best fat type. See this report on more coconut benefits. Also olive oil is healthy too for salad drizzling.

5. Microwave popcorn

The perfluoroalkys that have perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and perfluorooctane sulfonates PFOs are chemicals for keeping grease to leak in wrappers. People consume this and this is seen in blood. The bags for microwave popcorn are lined with the PFOA and heated. Such chemicals are part of the chemical group that damages endocrine system and sex hormones. The EPA said PFCs are making cancer and PFOA makes reproductive damage. Also experts linked PFCs to other health issues; infertility: a study in the Human Reproduction said PFOA and PFOS make infertility. PFOA makes 60-154% risks more. Thyroid issues: a study of 2010 said PFOA damages the thyroid. Those who eat a lot of PFOA had twice more risks of this. The thyroid has thyroglobulin protein that binds to iodine and makes hormones that affect every organ. These hormones are vital for kids’ growth. But thyroid disease can make heart issues, weak muscles, infertility and osteoporosis. Cancer: the PFOA was linked to tumors and cancer in 4 organs lab tests showed (testicles, pancreas, liver and mammary glands in rat animals). Also this made risk of prostate cancer in plant workers with PFOA. Immunity problems: some studies from Sweden said PFCs have bad immunity effect. As said in the report from Environmental Working Group, the PFOA decreased immune cell subpopulating and made immunosuppression in spleen and thymus. More LDL cholesterol: a 20120 study of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine said kids and teens with more PFOA had more bad cholesterol and PFOS made more cholesterol overall, both LDL and HDL.

I advise avoiding these foods, non-stick cookware and grease-proof package foods like this popcorn. If you eat junk foods, the PFC of the wrapper is not such a big deal here.

6. Non

Organic potato and pesticide contaminated produce- best is to buy only organic and fresh since chemicals are not permissible with USDA rules. Not organic produce has loads of pesticides. Koch focused on potatoes since they absorb the most pesticides and chemicals of the soil. See the Shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce, from the Environmental Working Group. Of all 48 veggie and fruit types tested from EWG by 2013 guide, these 15 have the most pesticides; celery, apples, cherry tomato, grape, cucumbers, hot peppers, nectarines, potatoes, peaches, strawberries, spinach, sweet bell pepper, collard greens, kale, summer squash.  But, these foods have the least pesticides and they are safe for consuming. Just a small amount sweet corn and Hawaiian papaya are genetically engineered. Consider these: avocado, asparagus, cabbage, cantaloupe, non-GMO sweet corn, grapefruit, eggplant, kiwi, mango, onion, mushrooms, non-GMO papaya, sweet peas, pineapple, sweet potato.

7. Table salt

Salt is vital we need it. But the table salt is seen in processed foods and is not the one we need. It has nothing to do with good natural salt. Processed salt is 98% sodium chloride and the rest 2% is chemicals like moisture absorbent and added iodine. The danger chemicals are ferrocyanide and aluminosilicate. In EU countries there is not always water fluoridation and fluoride is added in salt. The natural salt is 84% sodium chloride. The rest 16% are natural minerals like silicon, vanadium and phosphorus.

Since salt is good for us, get pure unrefined salt. The best is Himalayan salt, pure and kept thousands of years under tectonic pressure, no impurities, metals and toxins. It is hand-mined, hand washed and not so much processed. This salt is 85% sodium chloride and the 15% rest is 84 minerals of seas. It is vital for: the plasma, lymph fluid, extracell fluid, amniotic fluid, nutrients in and out of cells, regulation of pressure, more glial brain cells for planning and thinking, communication brain to muscles to move on demand through sodium-potassium ion changes.

Natural salt has many benefits, but use it smartly. Also keep an eye on the potassium-sodium ratios. Imbalance here makes hypertension, heart issues, memory issues, erectile problems. Avoid processed foods that have lots of sodium and lack potassium. Have whole, organic foods.

8. Soy protein and unfermented soy foods

Sadly, we all think soy is good. The worst part is that 90-95% soybeans in USA are GMO and used for soy protein isolate. The GMO soybeans are roundup ready or surviving lethal doses herbicides. The active item in Roundup herbicide is the glyphosate, for damaging hormone balance in females. Also this is toxic for the placenta and makes mother-child damages. Once placenta is damaged, there might be miscarriage. Mothers who took glyphosate, had birth defects. This item harms the body and makes cell work damage, including autism too. the soy protein isolate is seen in protein bars, meal shakes, bottle fruit drinks, sauce and soup, meat analog, baked good, cereals and supplements. If you are not vegetarian also, avoid tofu and soymilk. Many soy additives have various names, so read labels good. The soy expert, Dr. Kaayla Danial gives the Special Report, Where soys are, on the web. It lists all the bad things of soy and mentions words like natural flavor, bouillon and textured plant proteins. Besides this isolate, all soy unfermented items are bad. Many studies linked this to malnutrition, digestion issues, bad immunity, thyroid problems, cognition problems, infertility and even cancer or heart problems. The only good soy is organic and prepared fermented. After fermentation, the phytate and anti-nutrients are lowered and you get more benefits. See the dangers of unfermented soy.

9. Artificial sweeteners

Aspartame for example makes more appetite, carb craving and weight gain. Studies said saccharin and aspartame make more weight gain than sugar. Aspartame is the worst. Is made from phenylalanine and aaspartamic acid. The first is modified to carry methyl groups and that bond breaks off as methanol. You heard of the aspartame being harmless since methanol is seen in fruit and veggies too. but in produce, methanol is linked with pectin so it goes safe inside us. But aspartame methanol bonds to nothing that aids it removal of the body. The methanol is like Trojan horse and is carried in some tissues like bone marrow or brain and the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme turns to formaldehyde that makes chaos in proteins and DNA. Animals, all of them, except us, humans, have protection mechanism that makes methanol broken down to formic acid. That is why toxin tests on animals are practiced. It never applies to people.

Healthy food guidelines

Whatever you feel like eating, organic, grown, from supermarket or farmer’s market, these are the best signs of healthy foods. it is best to purchase them from a good agricultural groupation in the area you live in. also see my free nutrition plan for healthy eating;

  • Not GMOs
  • Grown without pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals
  • No growth hormones, drugs and antibiotics added
  • No artificial items and preservatives
  • Fresh conventional produce
  • Not grown on factories farms
  • Grown on lawns in nature (animals have natural diets, not grains and chemicals)
  • Grown in sustainable way (minimal water, no soil burnout, animal waste is like natural fertilizer)

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