The Amazing Lemon Diet – Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days

When life offers you lemons, take them and use them to create a diet so powerful that you will drop so many sizes your clothes will feel like they are made out of lead. This is why today, we present to you the Lemon Diet. So, in order to make this possible, we have tips from expert nutritions who by the way, claim that this is a diet that can totally work!

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Let’s start off by mentioning Beyonce. Who does not like her or want to be like her, right? She even created an album that is called Lemonade, and she rocked it! But despite all of that, still people are always wondering how to get that amazing body line that she has? Well, thankfully, there is a God, and it is in the lemons! To be more specific, we are talking about the lemon diet.

Amazing Lemon Diet

Amazing Lemon Diet

But what does Beyonce have to do with this?

Glad you asked. Before she set on to film the movie Dreamgirls, it is said that Beyonce used this particular diet in order to lose ten pounds! We all watched that movie, she looked amazing in it. She used this diet again in the year of 2012 after her first pregnancy.

The idea here is pretty much consuming a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a week in order to reduce your weight. And let’s not forget mentioning that a lot of other celebrities have used this dieting plan, such as Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell. So this is a definite must try.

And how do you know if you should start this diet?

There is a great warning when it comes to a strict dieting plan such as this one, because not everyone can undertake this extreme change. Your body might get in a shock, which is not good for you.

The pregnant, young, elderly, frail, underweight or those who suffer from any kind of a health condition should not undergo this dieting plan. If you are a part of any of these groups, then please consult with your doctor upon taking the risk of starting the lemon diet on your own.

The people with blood sugar, diabetes, cholesterol, and people who are relatively unhealthy should by all means take this option off their list. And finally, if you are not a big fan of the lemons, then this diet is not for you too. It is a very lemony diet and literally lemon juice will come out of your pores, so you have been warned.

Here is what you need in order to make the lemon diet work. Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two tablespoons of quality organic maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper and 300 ml of water.

When combined, all of these ingredients create a strict regime that you have to follow up on. This drink will not only cleanse your body, but will hydrate it, nourish the cells, and provide nutrients for detoxification.

But because it contains literally zero protein, it is always a good idea to include some protein in your diet, just to keep your blood sugar levels up and control your appetite, which will ultimately result in a healthy amount of lost weight.

Does this diet work?

Of course it does! But, you need to remember that it is not sustainable, so even if you are drinking this while all your friends got their heads stuck in a pizza, don’t forget that this is not a sustainable dieting plan. After the regime, if you resume to eat like you have previously eaten, the weight will go back up.

Well, of course that none of you wanted to hear this, but we are sad to sad that this is the truth. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get that Beyonce figure in a very short period of time. Just hold on and be strong, it will all be worth it in the end.