The Best Herb for Diarrhea, Belly Pain, Arthritis, Sore Throat and Flu

Some studies have said that thyme oil and thymol the active item is antiseptic! Most wipes and mouth washes have this item in them.

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So, a study claimed that thyme oil can reduce pain too. This is logical since ancient medicines used thyme as well for this goal.

It is claimed thyme oil kills pain better than the Ibuprofen

Experts of Babol Medical sciences University said thyme can remove pain and remove PMS pain too better than painkillers.

They monitored 84 women with heavy flow. Ages were 15 to 24 and all had dysmenorrhea. This means painful cramps with or without headache, dizziness, back pain, nausea too. There is also 2ndary dysmenorrhea or pain from another cause.

Experts saw that primary dysmenorrhea is in the first 2 years after periods start or menarche. This is not connected to other cycle parts pain. So painful periods are common for young girls or the first 5 years of menses.

Thyme benefits and thyme oil uses
  1. Antiseptic- it keeps wounds and sores clean and with no infections, just like camphene and caryophyllene
  2. Tonic- for the heart, digestive organs, nerves, blood flow, skin and muscles
  3. Hypertensive- good for those that have pressure issues, this balances it well
  4. Antirheumatic- thyme oil aids in blood flow and removal of uric acid from blood. These make gout, arthritis and rheum. It removes toxins and residue from blood too.
More uses:
  • As diuretic, it cures infections of bladder and urinary organs
  • Kills nail fungi
  • Repels insects
  • Kills parasites
  • Cures candida and vaginitis
  • Is in hand sanitizers
  • Diluted oil can cure bug bite
  • Thyme is added in hot compress for sciatica, gout, muscle pain, sprain, injury of sport
  • Apply thyme oil for athlete’s foot, animal bite, boils and use cream too
  • 1% solution is antibacterial
  • Massage the oil for PMS faster stimulation
  • As hair tonic, face wash, or warts/acne curing
  • Consuming thyme makes more DHA in the brain, kidney and heart cells
  • Thymol makes good skin blood flow
  • Thymol also keeps locked good fats
  • Mix it with lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, jojoba and grapeseed for alopecia
  • Also it mixes with lemon, pine, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot