The ultimate home-made, streak-free, chemical-free household cleaner

This fantastic home remedy is a particular favourite among the Starts at 60 community. It can adapt to almost any need – greasy ovens, kitchen benches, glass surfaces and tiles – without leaving behind unsightly streaking.

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It’s chemical-free, making it great for households with children. Best of all, it will set you back less than a dollar!

All you need is…

  • Water
  • White vinegar (don’t be too put off by the smell – it will disappear after just a few minutes)
  • Eucalyptus oil (though this can be substituted for tea tree oil if you’re not a fan of the smell)
  • A clean empty spray bottle.


  1. Fill water into the spray bottle half way
  2. Fill remaining half with white vinegar
  3. Add 10mls of oil.

Have you tried this before? Do you have an alternative home remedy for multipurpose cleaning? Share your tips in the comments below!