The velevet underwear trend that’s dividing the internet

You’d think underwear would be a fairly simple thing: a piece of material, cotton preferably, to cover your bits and keep things in place. Well not anymore!

Underwear giant Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to creating extravagant undergarments for women, but it’s latest creation has divided women around the world.

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Introducing, velvet underwear. Or more specifically — velvet G-strings (thongs if you’re in America).

Gone are the days of simple cotton undies, now it’s all about racy, lacy, sparkly, dominate-emblazoned creations that’ll get men’s hearts racing and send women’s chaffing through the roof.

Victoria’s Secret’s latest creation has sent thousands of women rushing online to see when they’re be available in store (very soon according to the website), but not all are convinced that swathing your bits in velvet for 10 hours a day is a good idea.

One women even claimed all that sweaty suffocation in the nether region could give you a UTI.

Of course it’s not the first time women have been subjected to bizarre underwear trends.

Who could forget the cone bra of 1980? Or the painful corsets of the 1800s?

One American company even released a bra with fake built in nipples so you could have that “sensual cold weather look all the time”.

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While the velvet underwear trend may be taking off, we think we’ll leave this round of crazy to the next generation.

Would you ever wear velvet underwear? Are you a fan of the G-string or strictly cotton briefs?