These Exercises Can Help You Slim Your Inner and Outer Thigh

We gathered some of the best slimming exercises you should try to improve the shape of your inner and outer tights. Tone your body in only one month, and restore the amazing looks of your body!

The exercises are a result of DanceBody’s leader Katia Price’s creativity, as she discovered a way to lose weight experienced instructors didn’t know existed.

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In fact, the exercises consist of few simple moves and the secret hides in how often you repeat them. Eventually, they fatigue the muscles on your legs, especially if you shift sides while doing them.

All you need to use is your body weight, and direct it in a way which will help tighten the abs, legs, and buttocks, and help the entire body become more resistant. The important thing is to repeat these exercise regularly, and to do them correctly and slowly.

Another thing you should remember is to purchase the right resistance band (you can find one in every sports store).

How does it work? Stand on the left side, and make stipulated reps that affect the outer part of the right leg’s tight. After that, proceed with the inner tight movements to obtain the same results for the right leg. Then, stand on the opposite side, and repeat them.

How to use your resistance band? Make sure you stand with your legs wide open, and tie the resistance band somewhere over your knees. Slight tension is recommendable, so don’t leave it too loose.

These are the best exercises that help slim the thighs

Outer thighs exercise

The double-pumps

Lie down on the left side of your body, put the left hand in the air (the left leg should be bent, and the right one extended). Move the right leg up and down, going as high as you can. Then, return it to the floor low enough for the feet to touch the floor. Do this 30 times with each leg.

Verification marks

Remain in the same position (on the left body side),  but this time bend the right leg so that the knee can go in front of the navel in order to squeeze and tighten your abs. Do diagonal moves for as much as your body can resist. 20 repetitions for each leg will be enough.


The starting position is once again the same, but this time you have to use the left forearm to push your body upwards, and extend the right leg front and back with arch movements. 20 repetitions are once again the ideal measure.


While in this position, bend your right knee in the direction of the chest while the foot is flexed, and make sure you work with the abs straight and obliquely. Use the right hand to transfer pressure to the floor and to add sway, and only then extend your right leg to strengthen the buttocks. 20 times will be enough for this sequence.

Inner thighs

Individual bars

Transfer your body weight on the ankles, and lie once again on the left side. Put the right foot on the floor (ideally behind the left one), and bend the right knee. Then, try to flex the left leg and lift it as much as you can, but don’t let the foot touch the floor while lowering it down (it should reach few inches from the floor). Repeat this 25 times.

Heel pressing

The position is still the same, but this time you need to lift the left leg up for at least 5 cm off the floo, and try to bring the knee closer to the chest to induce contractions in the abdominal area. Once you feel those, put the heel away, and extend the leg as much as possible without touching the floor. The ideal measure is once again 25 repetitions.

Combo exercises

Begin in the same position, and move the left leg several inches off the floor. In order for your abs to tighten, move the knee closer to the chest, and expand the leg affront to bring it in a position perpendicular to the torso (the L position). Once done, move the heel backwards, expand the leg, and put it back in the initial position. Combo exercises are usually more difficult, so repeat them only 20 times.


Extensions can make your abs look great, and all from the same position used in the other exercises. Just make sure you expand the feet far from each other, and lift the right leg in the ceiling direction. Use the right palm to balance weight, and hold the heel, calf, or thigh depending on how flexible it is. The knees and the back should remain stable to avoid hurting the joints.

Then, move your left leg towards the right one, and lower it slowly towards the floor. 20 repetitions will suffice for both beginners and experienced trainees.

What is really important for all of these exercises is to be in a good physical condition and to eat healthy food, as this is the only way they can have a complete effect, and make your body look astonishing and irresistible.