This new nail trend is a sight for sore eyes

They sayd trends come and go and we’re hoping this one isn’t here to stay.

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South Korean beauty blogger Dain Yoon is famed for her creative makeup creations and wacky beauty ideas, but her latest is so wild it quickly went viral on social media on Monday.

Yoon shared a photo of her newly manicured nails, which featured a print of her face and strands of hair glued to the sides to create 10 little mini-me characters.

“Many people told me i should delete those my photos before becoming a new trend,” she wrote.

Reactions on the post ranged from “burn it with fire” to “why is this so funny”. While the look didn’t win over too many fans, some did credit her for her creativity.

Yoon specialises in optical illusion makeup, which perhaps explains her wacky idea.

Her Instagram page is filled with amazing designs that trick the eye and leave fans wondering how she does it.

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She amassed thousands of fans and gained a cult following over the years.

Let’s just hope this is one trend that doesn’t take off!

Do you get manicures? Would you ever try this?