Try this Hand Whitening Homemade Formula!

Many women in the world desire to have white and soft skin. Because of that a lot of companies from chemical industry produce creams and lotions to achieve this affect.

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All that products contain hidrokinin which serves for whitening skin. But it also it is believed that can potentially cause skin cancer.

Hand Whitening Homemade Formula

Worst of all products is that they have certain side effects including skin irritation and inflammation, itching and skin peeling and consequently skin cancer too.

Here is our recipe to have white skin and also to keep you safe. Whit this recipe your hands will look amazing. Your skin will be white and soft!

Try to follow all procedure step to step!

  • Squeeze a half orange in a bowl. Firstly, add one spoon sugar. Mix it until well combined. Then add juice from half lemon. Add this mixture to your hand and blend it gently on your all hand with lemon zest.

Leave it for five minutes than clean it with towel. Try to compare it with your other hand! The results will be amazing.

Lemon has long been known for it helps in whitening the skin, making it one of the best natural remedies for whitening the skin.

Here is another recipe to prepare it!

  • In a bowl add three tablespoons rice flour. Add half tablespoon 5% hydrogen peroxide and mix it using a tablespoon. Then add 4 tablespoons shea butter. Mix again and after that add 2 tablespoon orange juice and leave it like that for ½ hour. Then wash it with warm water and clean your hand with towel.

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant and inhibits the action of free radicals and thus prevents premature aging of the skin. Stimulate collagen production, and reduces skin irritations, have excellent power whitening and evens skin tone.

Life stress, smog and poor diet, vitamins are great solution not only for our bodies (submitted orally), but also for our skin (used locally).