Want to Relax a Crying Baby – Massage These Pressure Points

The reflexology is considered to be the ancient art of using pressure points which are placed throughout the entire body in order to relieve one from pain, and it is considered to be a natural alternative for those who are looking to ease their pain a bit. People are especially looking to help their children through the reflexology, especially when it comes to infants who are still adjusting to being into this world.

This is why we have prepared a list of ways to help you help your young children with their pain. The reflexology experts also state that, before giving your baby a massage, the baby should definitely be in a relaxed state and encourage the flow of blood with a warm bath or a foot rub.

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Relax a Crying Baby

Relax a Crying Baby

  • Head and teeth ache – babies can often have a headache or pain in the area of the oral cavity. If you notice that your child is having these pains, simply massage the tips of their toes. This can even be done while they are sleeping, for better effects.
  • Sinus pain – as an adult, the sinus pain can be really annoying, but because babies have never experienced it before, it can be agonizing for them. If you want to help your baby with this kind of pain, massage the center underside of the toes of your baby. To provide pain relief, massage with a gentle pressure.
  • Chest – when your child is going through congested chest, you can find relief in the pads of the feet, just a bit under the toes and right above the arch. Apply some gentle pressure to this area and in order to relieve it from congestion and and coughing problems, massage in circular movements.
  • Solar plexus or stomach pain – for those children who often suffer from spasms, upset tummies, tightness and trouble breathing, massage the center of their feet below the pads where the arch begins to feel some relief. This is an area that is connected to the solar plexus, which is a nerve group between the lungs and the stomach.
  • Upper and lower abdomen pain – when it comes ti indigestion, constipation, heartburn, make sure you massage the space between the middle of your baby’s foot and the pads of the feet. If the baby is having issues with gas or bloating in the lower intestine, massage the space between the middle of their feet and heel.
  • Finally, pelvis – the babies sometimes tend to grow faster on certain parts of their bodies than they are ready for, so the pain in the hips can be a common problem for these youngsters. To help with this problem, simply rub the heels of your baby. Also, the heel can be found helpful for relieving constipation and upset stomach too.

Even though the serious issues should always be consulted with a medical expert, the little issues of everyday can definitely be eased with the help of reflexology. Try them out and see whether they will help your child for yourself.