What’s Your Secret Wish Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What do you crave the most out of your life? What’s the one thing you feel like if you couldn’t attain it, you’d let yourself down? Read on to see if what you know to be true aligns with your zodiac sign.

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You tend to shy away from exploring your own feelings or personal relationships because you’re more focused on humanity as a whole. You have a philanthropic spirit, and your only wish is to make the world a better place for all beings.

As highly in tune as you are with your inner journey, your deepest desire is to be of service to others. You are selfless and compassionate, always willing to put the needs of your loved ones before your own.  It’s important to take heed of those who may use your kindness to their advantage.

You are the eager beaver, go-getter of the zodiac. You have a burning desire to throw yourself into as many different things as you can, full-force; you’re hardly one to sit on the sidelines. Endless possibilities of a new day are enough to turn you on.

As an ever-plodding bull, you will be most happiest at your destination – where your hard work will come into fruition. Success for you means harmony and stability in all aspects of your life – in your relationships, in your finances and in your home.

You’re a sponge and a seeker of information and wisdom. You could spend hours conversing with others about everything from politics to sex. Due to your intellectual curiosity, your dream would be to have all the answers someday.

You are the ultimate homebody and enjoy feeling comfortable wherever you set your roots. It doesn’t take much to please you. What you truly want is to be able to return to a cozy home and family at the end of each day.

You shine wherever you go, even if it it’s at the expense of tip-toeing into someone else’s spotlight! You love feeling pampered and adored, and your one true wish is to find a mate who isn’t too proud to shower you with love and affection.

As the detail-oriented perfectionist that you are, you would love to be able to silence your inner critic and finally learn to receive from others, rather than give.

Justice is the name of your game. Despite your charm and pleasant demeanor, you can get easily riled up if you witness anything that feels “unfair.” Your truest desire would be world peace.

It takes a lot for you to be vulnerable with others; your heart is guarded until you can fully trust another (but even then, you’ll still be reluctant to let your walls down). Your deepest longing is the same thing you fear the most: true intimacy.

As the free-spirit of the zodiac, you loathe following a routine or set schedule. You secretly wish that you could make your own rules and live as you please without feeling restricted.

You’re driven and persistent in the pursuit of your dreams. Since your eyes are so focused on the finish line, you wish that you could have every need taken care of along the way without losing sight of your goals.