10 Foods That Fight Depression Better Than Medication

Here in this article we are going to give you a list of food you should consume to treat depression.

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1.Dark Chocolate

When we eat dark chocolate the cocoa in it boosts our mood and concentration. It also improves the blood flow in our brain, and makes us feel more energized.


The high levels of calcium in the yogurt stimulate the brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters.


Honey contains compounds known as querdetin and kaempferol which reduce inflammations, improves our brain health and prevents depression.


The avocado is rich in healthy fat, proteins, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, B9 and B5, Vitamin C and vitamin E. It is an excellent choice if you suffer from depression.


Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries contain antioxidant properties. They improve our brain functions and boost our mood and happiness.


Apples are also rich in antioxidants, which help us to prevent and repair oxidation damage and inflammation on the cellular levels. Consume an apple a day and protect yourself from depression.


They are excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats and proteins. Walnuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which support our brain health and fight the depression.


Bananas contain tryptophan, which is converted into 5-HTP by our brain which turns into serotonin and melatonin.

9.Green tea

The polypenols in green tea boost the production of dopamine and increase insulin sensitivity. When we drink green tea we feel more relaxed and happy.

10. Spinach

Spinach is rich in folic acids and magnesium. It was found that it contains antidepressant effects. Folic acid in our body stimulates the secretion of dopamine and serotonin.