10 Veggies To Regrow Forever

Health is the best thing we have to keep to be safe from illnesses. Meals all have to consist of fruits and veggies and the bad thing is that they go bad fast, right?

There are two methods to resolve this and grow veggies in your own home!

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1. Asparagus

This is for early spring. When taken care of, this lasts for 25 years. Seeds have to have more maturing time so plant crowns. No excess water to stop rotting.

2. Garlic

Just 1 clove can give over 10 cloves so add garlic in pasta, salads, soup, meals, stews. Get the sprout, place this in a glass of water and keep this out the window for warmth. Once sprouts grow, put them in a few inches height. Use a big pot and excellent soil. First leaves are in a few days. Harvest this when it is brown and almost fallen.

3. Carrot

This grow from the top. Soak them in water dish and keep them by the window. They need sun. they might be bitter, but with garlic and vinegar they are amazing.

4. Bok choy

Soak the root in water, keep this under sun. wait a month and plant this in a pot.

5. Romaine lettuce

Use the bottom to regrow this. Soak this in glass of water and soon leaves will grow. Cabbage is grown the same.

6. Scallions

Soak the roots in water and keep them by sunlight. New scallions grow fast so pick them at 6 inches.

7. Celery

Cut the bottoms and soak them in a pot. Soon leaves are seen and this is planted every 3 days.

8. Cilantro

Soak stems in water and see new leaves fast. Wait for them to be long and then place them under light. After a few months, new ones appear.

9. Basil

Soak a 3 inch clip basil in water and keep this under sun. plant this only when is 2 inch long and add water.

10. Globe artichoke

They are harvested when they have perfect crown purple color. Soil must be moist, sun enough strong and drainage perfect. Plant them 36 inch width and have 2 inch compost. Use good nitrogen fertilizer monthly and harvest them in fall and spring. Harvest long buds stalks.

Simple and easy, have veggies all the time!