5 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Runners

Do you know the importance of consuming apple cider vinegar for runners? We all have it in our kitchens, and we use it daily. It has many benefits for our health and body and is recommended for treating numerous health issues. Many types of research confirmed that apple cider vinegar is especially useful for runners.  In this article, our Team Go Fit Stay Fit is going to give you a list of benefits apple cider vinegar provides for runners.

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1. It regulates the body’s pH levels

If you are a runner you probably often suffer from muscular cramps. These cramps are caused by pH imbalance in the body, or by a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. It helps rebalance your system by sending a dose of electrolytes to the bloodstream. It is recommended to consume after running, to replenish the electrolytes you’re sweated out.

2. It helps you smell fresh

Many runners have problems with smelling bad while running. Sometimes the normal deodorant can’t help. Apple cider vinegar contains probiotics which kill bad bacteria that are the culprits of bad odors. You should apply apple cider vinegar on your armpits and in this way kill the bacteria and neutralize the bad smells. (1)

3. It stabilizes blood sugar levels

It is confirmed that apple cider vinegar regulates our blood sugar levels and prevents developing diabetes. Runners often suffer from rapidly dipping the glucose levels. To avoid this, they should consume apple cider vinegar because it allows glucose to be released into the bloodstream and balances its levels.


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4. It improves the digestion

If you suffer from bloating, diarrhea, leaky gut, or some other digestive condition then apple cider vinegar is the best solution for you. It contains enzymes and probiotics which balance our digestive system by stimulating the production of stomach acids. So drink it before you go running, and your digestive system will be stabilized.

5. It can reduce sluggish feelings

Apple cider vinegar detoxes our body and helps us run harder and longer. It helps to break down toxins and to eliminate them from the body while stimulates the cardiovascular system and boosting the metabolism. It will give you extra energy, and you will run faster and longer than ever. Consume it a half hour before you go running and you will see the results.