5 Signs He’s a Toxic Lover

Love can make us do some crazy things. The dangerous part is being so blinded of the situation you’re in that you don’t even realize the ways in which your partner is ruining your life and mental well-being. Here are the surefire signs you’re involved with someone who is dragging you down.

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He chips away at your self-esteem
Rather than showering you with praises or compliments that make you feel adored, he’s pointing out the things about you that he thinks could use some improvement (i.e. your weight, your personality, your clothes). You don’t recognize that these are insults at first because he manipulates you into thinking that these changes would make him love you more – so you fall for the pressures.

He blows your mistakes out of proportion
It doesn’t matter how small of an error you make, he’ll take any opportunity as leverage to give himself the upper hand in the relationship. If you’re out with some friends and you accidentally forget to return his call, he tallies it up in his list of your faults. And nothing is ever “his bad.”

You subconsciously seek his approval
Though in your mind, you know better, you can’t help but wonder what he’d think if you made certain decisions without his permission. You feel guilty and/or selfish when taking your own liberties without including him in the process (even though he probably wouldn’t appreciate it).

You’re his “dump truck”
He seldom listens to how your day went or how you are feeling in general. Instead, he comes home each day to babble on about his misery. It’s like he unloads everything onto you to make himself feel better or to make you feel like you should be a better partner because of the things he’s going through.

Your friends/family haven’t met him
You already have a feeling you’ll know what your loved ones would say about him if you brought him home. You feel like they’d highly disapprove. But they’re not in love with him; you are. And there is too much history between the two of you to let this go.