Egg Whites In The Diet – Benefits

We all know eggs are healthy and good protein source. If the doctor told you to reduce cholesterol, no need to exclude eggs. Egg whites have no cholesterol.

Apart from this, did you know egg whites have zero saturated fat? This is amazing since most people need more protein and no fats. And egg whites have just 17 calories.

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Also egg whites have the most protein of whole eggs. So throwing the yolks, still gets you enough protein for muscles. Experts said egg whites have amino acids for amazing health.

Sadly, egg whites have sodium. One has 55 mg sodium, or 2% of RDA sodium. Seems small but sodium per one egg adds up if you ingest several whites.

Do not add salt in the egg and use herbs instead. And also you can cook them in many ways.

The perks of egg whites in the diet:

1. B vitamins

Experts claim B vitamins are crucial for energy and tasks. Also this is vital for nerves and brain.

2. Build muscles

If you cannot get protein shakes, just get eggs. This is a complete protein, so egg whites give you enough amino acids if you lack them and you build muscles too

3. Speedy metabolism

Since this is protein, egg whites speeds metabolism. The digestive system needs calories for protein digestion. With fast metabolism you lose weight too.

4. Low in calories and have no fat

Egg whites are amazing for losing weight and have low calories. Also, no fat

5. Lower pressure

They have potassium and this relaxes vessels, lowers pressure and keeps vessels healthy

6. Strong bones and teeth

Have egg whites to get calcium. Calcium makes bones stronger and reduces osteoporosis risks

7. Many nutrients

There are many more apart from those so far. Like Mg, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, manganese, folate, selenium.