How to make your eyebrows look fabulous again


How are your eyebrows looking these days?

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If you’re like most of us, you’re eyebrows are all but gone now you’re in your 60s. Remember the days those wonderful thick eyebrows had to be tamed every week, so you plucked and plucked, and plucked some more, but now you’d cry if you lost one more hair!

It doesn’t help that luscious eyebrows are one of the ‘in’ fashion looks at the moment either.

So if your eyebrows are looking a little bit too thin or washed out, here’s some expert tips to help them look fabulous.

Patchy brows

As we get older, our hair begins to thin all over our body and makes us look older than we are. Luckily for us there’s some wonderful products on the market just perfect to fix that. You can either buy a brow powder or mascara. The mascara is great for a quick touch up (or darken up) but the powder works best if you’ve got a bit to fill in.

Tail-less brows

When we were younger, sometimes we may have overdone the plucking of our eyebrows to stay with the trend at the time but now it’s left us with thicker eyebrows at the beginning that trail off into nothingness. Grab an eye pencil for this one, and draw in the end in light feathery strokes. You can use a brow gel to set when done.

Grey brows

Having grey eyebrows can make it look like you have none at all, or are older than you feel. While the mascara mentioned above helps if there’s just a few greys, but if they’ve all gone that way, there’s only one option. Dye them. You can buy those DIY kits from the supermarket (eye and brow tints) or if you’re worried you’ll make a mistake, it’s something most hairdressers will do, and it doesn’t take long at all.