The latest bizarre beauty trend taking over social media

We’ve seen some bizarre beauty trends take over in our lifetimes. Remember when it was fashionable to have a one-hair-thick, super arched line for an eyebrow? Only for the fashion gods that be to turn it around and declare that natural, fuller brows were back “in”, leaving us dismayed that we’d plucked for so many years and damaged our precious follicles so badly that we’re now forced to draw on our brows day after day.

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Trends involving hair especially seem to be transient, with hair coming and going out of fashion, but if you think this is limited to eyebrows, you are very mistaken.

Now, nostril hair isn’t something many women like to talk about. We all have it, and it serves an important function in protecting our delicate membranes from dust and other pollutants, but if there’s any visible excess, much like our moustaches and that odd chin hair, we simply remove it and act like it never existed.

Well, you can kiss that time consuming and sometimes painful beauty routine goodbye, because nostril hair is IN. If you don’t have what looks like Cousin It hanging out of your nose, just don’t bother.

Young women have been posting their selfies featuring thick, luscious false eyelashes glued into the nostril, rather than on the eyes.

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It can be difficult to tell what’s a joke and what’s serious on the internet somedays, and while we hope this is a joke, you just never know. We just hope the female moustache comes back into fashion – it’d save us a lot of time!

But for now, we’re just going to keep using false eyelashes the traditional way …

What do you think, will you be growing out your nostril hair?