These Seeds Affect The Cancer, Eyesight, Sleep And Other Issues


Pumpkin seeds are the best but why?!

1. Anti-cancer

A study from Spain said these seeds kill cancer. They have some items that kill cancer cells and prevent cancer or inflammation. A German study said women in menopause have to eat them daily and reduce breast cancer risk by 23%.

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2. Insomnia

They have tryptophan another good amino acid. This is for insomnia and we use it as melatonin hormone for sleep. The Nutritional Neuroscience published that tryptophan of gourd seed and carbs as well cure insomnia. Get handful of these seeds, some carbs and fruits.

3. Better sight

Plant based proteins- per USDA data, 1 cup roasted seeds is 285 calories, 11.87 g protein, 12.42 g fat, 11.8 g fiber. This is all you need. Many animal proteins exist out there. No more overeating red meat for proteins, just take these seeds. The fat level is high, but is healthy.

4. Balance in potassium

We need this for anything, muscle work, balance in fluids, hypertension, minerals, kidney stones, loss of bones and more. The Medicine Institute of National Academies of Science said adults need 4.700 mg potassium daily. So take seeds. 1 cup is 588 g minerals. A banana has less, 442 mg!

5. Health to prostate

Studies shown that the oil and seeds both are great for this problem of prostaic hyperplasia enlargened prostate. Prevention magazines say phytosterols shrink this size. Also some chemicals change the testosterone into dilhydrotestosterone.

6. Happiness

A magazine said the L-tryptophan of the seeds gives good mood and fight depression. India Times said these seeds make better sleeping.