Why Classy Women Use Intuition

When put to use, intuition is a superpower for better thinking, relationships, decision-making and problem-solving. It is what sets apart the brilliant from the average. In any given situation, you can experience nagging thoughts and feelings of suspicion, anxiety, doubt, curiosity or wonder. Your body emits signals like goosebumps for inspiration or a churning stomach when something is off.

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When we use the messages that arise from our subconscious, we create a partnership with the conscious part of our brain that helps us think more creatively and clearly.  Here are some benefits of using your intuition.

Developing relationships
Research has shown that women are, as a group, better at reading facial expressions of emotions than men. As a result, women are more likely to pick up on the subtle emotional messages being sent by others. Using this intuition can help in strengthening and repairing relationships.

Enhancing your social power
Many women who have been lower in social status, especially in the workplace, spend more time observing those in power. Thus, they become more aware of body language and other social cues. Women tend to be more open to others’ emotional messages. This ability enhances their social power.

Making better decisions
I’m sure there are times you feel pressure to make choices quickly and wisely. You may choose to seek the guidance of trusted colleagues. Yet, the most excellent resource for making sound decisions lies within us. Although many of us have heard that we should leave our feelings out in decision-making and business, research has shown that it’s our gut that is our best counsel.

Averting catastrophes before they arise
When you listen to your “gut” feelings, this is your subconscious at work. It moves many million times faster than your executive function in the brain. When you are mindful, you hear and listen to your intuition better because you are aware of your body’s signals. Mindfulness allows you to act more quickly – and you can operate in the present, which is more potent than focusing in the past.

Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” Albert Einstein called it the sacred gift. The more you exercise the sixth sense that’s available to you, the more successful you will become.