30-Day Vegetarian Diet, Which May Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever heard about a vegetarian diet? It is one of the most recommended diets by the doctors and nutritionists. It can help you lose your extra weight and also improve your health. A vegetarian diet has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease, vascular disorders, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

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By the plants you can get all the essential nutrients your body needs for proper work, meanwhile avoiding meet can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and fats in your body.

Rules for a Vegetarian Diet:

–    Do not fry your meals

–    Do not use salt

–    Don’t consume alcohol

–    Quite soda

–    Drink more than two liters of water a day

–    Have your dinner before 8 pm

–    Do some workout on a daily basis

Diet Plan for One Week

Day 1:


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Breakfast: Cottage cheese with blueberries

Lunch: Brown rice and grilled mushrooms

Snack: One apple

Dinner: Salad

Day 2:


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Breakfast: Whole-grain toast and two boiled eggs

Lunch: Spaghetti with broccoli

Snack: A handful of almonds

Dinner: Fruit salad

Day 3:


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Breakfast: Oatmeal and some fruit

Lunch: Grilled sweet potatoes with onions

Snack: Grapes

Dinner: Tomato soup

Day 4:


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Breakfast: Banana smoothie

Lunch: Brown rice and mushroom soup

Snack: A handful of walnuts

Dinner: Green salad

Day 5:


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Breakfast: Boiled eggs with tomatoes and greens

Lunch: Mixed vegetables and low-fat cheese

Snack: Orange juice and one apple

Dinner: Boiled broccoli and beans

Day 6:


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Breakfast– Tomato salad

Lunch– Grilled potatoes, broccoli, and cheese

Snack: A cup of strawberries

Dinner: Some fruit and orange juice

Day 7:


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Breakfast: Whole-wheat toast and two boiled eggs

Lunch: Tomato soup and grilled vegetables

Snack: A handful of nuts

Dinner: Green salad

Health benefits of a vegetarian diet:

–    Detoxify our bodies

–    Promotes weight loss

–    Improves the mood

–    Improves the digestion

–    Prevent heart diseases

–    Stimulate blood flow

–    Prevents diabetes

–    Lowers bad cholesterol levels

–    Prevent obesity

–    Prevents kidney diseases

–    Regulates blood pressure

If you want to lose your extra, weigh and at the same time boost your overall health than this is an ideal diet for you. Follow this diet plan for 30 days and then make a pause of one week. In this period you should consume all you want. After that, continue the diet plan for all month. Don’t think twice start the vegetarian diet immediately.