4 Signs You’re Not Being Honest With the People You Care About

Every relationship hits a bumpy road at some point – so why is it so hard for women to admit that to their loved ones? Too often, we try to keep up the façade of a happy relationship and ignore the fact that there are problems. This denial can turn into outright lying to your friends and family, all in an attempt to keep up the perfect image. If these four signs apply to you, it’s time to face the truth and open up to them.

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You dodge them at any chance you get
Do the upcoming holidays make you worry about all of the time you’re going to have to spend dodging questions about your relationship? Then you might not be forthcoming enough with what’s going on in your life. Family and friends are meant to be there for you as a support system when times get tough; you shouldn’t be running away to avoid telling them the hard parts.

You dramatize the little stuff
Sometimes, when it’s too hard to be open about the big issues in your relationship, you exaggerate the minor things. Maybe you can’t say that you’re no longer happy and want out, so instead, you complain that he doesn’t do the dishes for an hour straight. It can be easier to vent about the stuff that doesn’t really matter; it makes you feel like you’re still being open (even though you’re not).

You flip the conversation … constantly
It’s important to take an interest in what your loved ones have going on in their lives – part of being a loved one is caring about what they’re up to and being a good listener! But if you’re only ever asking about them without revealing anything on your end, you’re not being a good friend (you’re withdrawing). It’s all about balance; you have to let them be there for you too.

You feel it in your gut
You know exactly what it feels like when you’re not being truthful about what you’re going through. Your stomach feels knotted and your hands get sweaty. You get a rush of guilt every time you think about it. Even if you didn’t recognize the first three behaviors in yourself, you may be feeling this way just by reading this article, and you’re probably not being honest with the ones you love most.