5 Signs He’s Not Just Selfish, He’s Plain Mean

There are countless ways to detect if your partner is selfish, but how can you tell if his self-centered ways are immature or heartless? Here are five signs that prove his arrogance is far from harmless and it may be time to re-evaluate the relationship.  

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He values his time over yours – always
While we can’t get angry over someone asking you to modify your schedule from time to time, any guy who never does the same for you isn’t being fair. Don’t let your partner make you feel guilty for having obligations. If he cares about you, he will respect your commitments and try his best to accommodate your lifestyle.

He’s dismissive of your friends
There will be times when your partner hints that he wants you to blow off your friends to spend date night with him. But if he’s constantly minimizing your friendships, then he’s not a nice guy. A real partner learns to love your friends as much as you do because anyone who cares about you should be OK in his book.

He blows off important plans
It shouldn’t matter how busy he is, there are certain promises that have to be kept – whether it’s having dinner with your parents or taking you out for your birthday. If he makes it known that your happiness is not his top priority, then his selfishness is dipping into cruel territory.

All conversations revolve around him
It’s always a good thing to check up on your partner to make sure that all is well with work and with his personal relationships, but if this same courtesy isn’t returned, it’s time to think about why this may be. No relationship should be about me, me and me. His lack of interest in your life shows that he doesn’t care, and that’s pretty mean.

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He doesn’t let you disagree with him
A little harmless back-and-forth isn’t just normal, it’s healthy. By depriving you of your own opinions, he’s also devaluing your voice – which shows that his insecurities have made him harsh. Always question a man who limits your expression.