7 Signs You’re Actually Closing Yourself off to Potential Partners

If you’ve been emotionally unavailable lately, it might be time to think about why you’re shooing away the men who, if you gave them a chance, would make you truly happy. Here are seven signs that you need to open yourself up to love in the future.

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You have unrealistic standards
There are basics that every guy needs in order to be considered relationship-worthy, but you can’t expect anyone to check off all of your boxes. Relationships are about compromise, which means that the right guy will have the most important qualities – and you’ll love him in spite of those he lacks.

You believe he’s guilty until proven innocent
You cannot expect every guy to beg for your trust, especially when he hasn’t even done anything wrong. You don’t have to share your deepest secrets on the first day, but he’ll definitely pick up on your quick judgments.

Your guard is way up
You should always trust your gut when it comes to your feelings, but you have to open up if you want others to do the same with you. Only with an open mind and heart will you give any potential partner a fair shot.

Any small problem causes you to flee
Whether he didn’t grab for the check fast enough or he has bad taste in movies, you’ll use just about anything to justify your lack of interest. You’re taking ‘perfectionist’ to a new level, and your excuses are preventing you from finding love.

You compare everyone to your ex
Despite your feelings about your last partner, you have to realize that no one else will be exactly the same. Think of everyone as a blank slate, and only once you get to know the new men in your life can you determine whether they meet your standards.

You stick too closely to your “type”
This is different from your standards, for adhering to a “type” suggests that you think your significant other should present himself a specific way. Forget about “bad boys” or bookworms – focus on what counts.

You assume “relationships just aren’t your thing”
Sometimes your unlucky experiences can cause you to think that you’re simply not a relationship person. Your past shouldn’t define your future, and allowing heartbreak to structure your romantic life will only close you off to men who will make you forget that you ever had bad relationships.