Eating Pinch of Turmeric is Like Workout For a Whole Hour!!!

Turmeric protects our cardiovascular system and keeps our heart healthy. It was confirmed that turmeric has numerous benefits for our body. It reduces the risk of the heart attack after bypass surgery by whole 50%. It contains a compound known as polyphenol which improves the blood flow and protects our blood vessels.

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Turmeric and Working Out

This can give motivation to many of you to start eating turmeric and do some exercise daily.

There was made a study in with 32 postmenopausal women were assigned into 3 groups:

  • A non-treatment control
  • Exercise
  • Curcumin

The women in the curcumin group received 150mg turmeric per day for 8 weeks. The women in the group of exercise underwent aerobic exercise training more than 3 days per week.

The results were unbelievable. The endothelial cells which line the interior surface of blood vessels of the study participants were observed and researchers noted that the function of these cells showed notable improvement after two months in both groups.

That is way experts recommend doing exercise and consuming turmeric in combination.