Marry the Guy Who Treats You in These 5 Ways

Taking the next (and possibly last) step in your relationship can sound terrifying if you’ve been ‘comfortable’ at a certain stage of it for a while. If you and the man that you’re with (or hoping to find) are having talks about marriage, it’s time to evaluate the relationship. We know it takes two to tango, but a marriage may thrive if your guy treats you this way.

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He challenges you (in a good way)
While it may seem like a guy who submits to our every desire would be the ultimate dream, in reality, this isn’t what we really want. As human beings, we are continuously looking to improve ourselves. So if he influences your life in a positive way – such as helping you see the bigger picture, encouraging you to stay positive or pushing you to step out of your comfort zone – he’s a keeper. Marry the guy who inspires you to become a better woman (not just for him, but for yourself).

He admits when you’re right, and he’s wrong
A guy who is able to put his ego aside in order to find a common ground is a guy you want to keep around. Marriage isn’t a walk in the park – you’ll be spending (what may be) the rest of your lives together. Thus, arguments are only natural. It’s important to make sure the battles you have with each other are healthy ones – healthy in that a resolution or a lesson will always come out of them.

He remembers the little things
It’s wise for a couple to remember their own anniversary, each other’s birthdays or other shared milestones together. But remembering the small things make the big difference. If he remembers your favorite dishes, the way you like to arrange your closet or things you wished you had that would make your life easier, it’s telling of how observant he is to your needs. Attentiveness plays a large role in keeping you both happy for the long run.

He admires your sass
Any mature and secure man will know that a woman who exercises her opinions is necessary for a fulfilling relationship. Often, women have a stigma of being labeled ‘picky’ or ‘high maintenance’ if they so much as ask for what they want. But if the man you’re seeing isn’t threatened, and actually encourages you to go after what you deserve, stay with him.

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He respects your differences
There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. You two may actually butt heads on many different things, yet still complement each other as a whole. If he can understand your views, without passing judgments or belittling you, it’s a good sign. Even if he doesn’t agree with them, a man who can respectfully communicate his beliefs without attacking your own is a man to have.