Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Makes You Feel This Way

It’s November which means we’ve officially made it to another cuffing season. Love it or hate it, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t give into the pressures of cold weather and an even colder social atmosphere. Don’t settle down until you find a partner who provides you with these necessary comforts.

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He makes you confident in your opinions
If he lets you back up even your thinnest arguments, you know you’ve found the right person who not only accepts your mind, but also encourages it to thrive. An open mind leads to an open heart, and therefore it is imperative that your partner always promotes and provokes your greatest thoughts.

You feel secure in all of your (many) emotions
The right guy won’t punish you for having your highs and lows, and he certainly won’t blame you for the occasional meltdown. Feelings are part of life, and the ideal partner supports your feelings and is honest that he, too, goes through the same emotional struggles.

Spending time together is never an obligation
You should never feel as though your company is jeopardizing your partner’s social life or happiness in general. Feeling as though you’re forcing him to meet up means that you haven’t met the guy you should be with yet. Believing that you’re a burden will only enforce the idea that you’re just a placeholder until something else comes along.

You’re always excited to go home to him
Your home should represent your happy place, and if having him in it makes you feel even better, then look no more. Being with someone who feels like a true part of your daily routine is something worth keeping around because you know that they’re capable of holding your trust.

You want to share everything about yourself
Being in a relationship naturally makes you want to reveal a secret or two in order to establish trust, but wanting to share every detail with your partner is particularly important. The fact that you feel comfortable relaying every detail of your life proves a level of closeness that you can only find in a lasting connection.

You never feel embarrassed
From your appearance to your qualities, you should remain single until you meet someone who makes you proud of the things you once criticized about yourself. This will move beyond your comfort zone and also help you achieve a new level of confidence.

You feel like your best self
The person you love shouldn’t only allow you to be yourself, but he should also inspire you to push yourself. If he cares about you, he’ll want you to reach new ground to achieve the things that didn’t seem possible.

You never want to be single again
Ultimately, you know that you’ve met the right person when the thought of dating again is both scary and heartbreaking at the same time. Imagining yourself with other people should make your skin crawl, while the idea of you two being together for the long haul will allow you to experience an amazing sense of euphoria.


Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home