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If you have dentures, you’ve probably experienced how trying it can be to find adhesives and cleansers that give a good result yet don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or residue on your false teeth.

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Wayne Prince has struggled with this issue for years, so he volunteered to try Polident denture adhesive and cleanser to see how they measured up. He wasn’t paid for his review and his own words haven’t been changed.

Here’s what he found.

How did you come to have dentures?

I had both my upper and lower teeth removed because I was due to have a hip replacement operation and the surgeon insisted on teeth removal as an infection-control mechanism.

I’ve experienced some problems in eating certain foods, such as nuts and other hard foods.

How did Polident compare to other products you’ve used?

I found that the adhesive was far more consistent than other products I’ve used.

How effective were the cleaning and adhesive products?

The tablets dissolved very quickly in water and appeared to have an almost immediate effect on the dentures. I noticed that they had a superior cleaning effect on the dentures and seemed to more efficiently remove food particles.

They also left the dentures with a fresh feeling when I inserted them in my mouth, unlike many other products I’ve used in the past.

Did you have a favourite?

I personally found that they were both, in their own way, equally useful.

Were they easy to use?

I carefully followed that packet instructions on each product. I used the products on a daily basis, as I am very fussy about the cleanliness of my dentures. I am hesitant to deviate from stated instructions in case I damage my dentures, so I relied heavily on the instructions on the packet.

Would I use them again?

After seeing the results, I will not be using any other product. I found Polident to be reliable and easy to use.

Additionally, after doing a cost comparison between Polident and other brands, I feel that they really are value for money.

*Your risk of infection is amplified after having surgery, which is why doctors sometimes recommend removing teeth beforehand. If you have an existing issue with your teeth there is a risk that the infection can spread to the surgery site.

Do you have dentures? How do you keep yours clean and in shape?