10 Nail Symptoms & What They Mean’ for Your Health!!!

Nail Symptoms

In this article we are going to give you 10 nails symptoms which may save your life.

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  1. Yellow Nails

Many factors can lead to yellow nails. If they are yellow, crumbly and thick it is very likely that you have a fungal infection. Sometimes thyroid diseases, diabetes, respiratory disease and psoriasis can be the reasons for this nail symptom.

  1. Dry, Cracked or Brittle Nails

If you have deficiency in biotin or vitamin A and C your nails are going to be brittle. In many cases hyperthyroidism is the cause of the cracking and splitting of the nails.

  1. Clubbing

It is a enlargement f the fingers, accompanied with the nail becoming curved downward. It usually happens because of the low oxygen concentration in the blood.

  1. White Spots

White spots indicate that you have some nail trauma.

  1. Horizontal ridges

Horizontal ridges may be result of uncontrolled diabetes, zinc deficiency, circulatory disease and psoriasis.

  1. Vertical Ridges

These ridges are most common for older individuals. They may be a sign of aging or of nutrient deficiency.

  1. Spoon Nails

If the nails curve upward at the edges resembling a spoon it is a sign of iron deficiency.

  1. Pitting

If you have multiple pits on the nails you must suffer from psoriasis.

  1. Dark Discolorations

This is a serious symptom and if you notice it consult your doctor immediately. It may be a sign of melanoma.

  1. White Nails with a Strip of Pink

If your nails are with a strip of pink , it may indicate congestive heart failure, kidney disease or liver disease.