20 Unbelievable Ways to Use Baking Soda for You and Your Home

We all have baking soda in our kitchen and we normally use it for baking, but did you know that you can use it for a million other things?

Baking soda is no-toxic, meaning that you can use it safely without worrying about any side-effects and plus it’s readily available and cheap which means everyone can afford it. This miraculous ingredient can be used for personal care, cleaning, cooking, around the garden and so on.

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If you were wondering how to use baking soda for all the above mentioned things you should look no further. Here’s a list of 20 unbelievable ways you can use baking soda for your house and you:

Insect Bites

Apply some mixture of baking soda and water on the insect bite and it will relieve the itching and discomfort.

No more smelly fridge

Baking soda effectively removes the unpleasant smell in your fridge, just place some in a tray and put it in your fridge.

Hair growth

Baking soda can help your hair grow faster, just rinse it with this ingredient regularly and the results will be inevitable.

Skin care

If you have rough skin patches just soak a warm cotton pad in some baking soda and apply it on the spot.

Forget about store-bought deodorants

Commercial deodorants are loaded with toxins and chemicals and can be health detrimental, but baking soda is completely safe for use.

Clean your jewelry

If you have some precious jewelry that has lost its shine with time, baking soda can help you restore its beauty. And don’t worry it won’t ruin it or damage it, so you’re free to polish it safely.

Alleviate sunburns

If you have sunburns just combine some baking soda and water and apply it on the affected area, you should feel immediate relief.

Baking soda scrub

A baking soda scrub can help you against a variety of skin imperfections, including wrinkles, blackheads and tarnished skin. Just scrub your face with some baking soda and rinse with water afterwards.

Whiten teeth

Instead of using commercial products and undergo expensive and difficult dental procedures just to get that pearly white smile, use baking soda. It’s the best natural teeth whitener and it’s simple to use. Just apply some on your brush and brush your teeth with it. The results will be inevitable.

Eliminate stains

You can use baking soda to eliminate the stains from any surface.

Clean your microwave

The best way to clean your microwave is with baking soda. Just apply some powder on a sponge and rub your microwave from the outside and inside as well. Rinse it with a clean, moist cloth and your microwave will be as good as new.


If you suffer from abscesses often you can use baking soda as a treatment.


If you have heartburn just dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink the solution. The relief will be immediate.

Eliminate bad breath

Bad breath is a common problem which can be easily resolved with baking soda. You’ll never buy another mouthwash once you try it out.

Softer beans and peas

Soak your beans and peas in some baking soda and water solution and they’ll cook faster.

Clean your combs and brushes

For a better looking hair, keep your brushes and combs pristine. Why? Because as we use these products we leave behind hair residues and oil buildup which grease up our hair much faster. You can clean your brushes and combs with baking soda easily just mix a teaspoon of baking soda and some warm water and soak your brushes in this mixture. Rinse them afterwards and dry them and that’s it.

Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

You know how nothing helps with these annoying stretch marks? Well, it looks like it’s not the case after all, scrub your stretch marks with some baking soda on a regular basis and they’ll soon disappear.

Clean Shower Curtains

You can make your shower curtains pristine with the help of a brush or a sponge and some baking soda. Just scrub them down and rinse them with water and hang it to dry.

Refresh your carpets

Every once in a while all our carpets deserve a little freshening up but how to do it? With the help of a baking soda, just sprinkle it all over your carpets and leave it during the night. Afterwards vacuum your carpets and rugs and empty your vacuum bag in the end.

The same can be used for eliminating bad odors from the vacuum cleaner.

Remove the pesticides from fresh produce

Baking soda is the best thing you can do to clean your produce from dirt, residue and pesticides. Soak your veggies and fruits in a bowl of water and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Leave them soaked for a few minutes and rinse with some water.

There you have it, 20 amazing and unbelievable uses of baking soda which will make your life much easier. Which one will you try first?

Article and image source:  http://deeperhealthperspectives.com