5 Common Causes of Relationship Anxiety

Everyone gets nervous from time to time in their relationships, either due to a groundbreaking fight or a momentary lapse in judgement. However, if you think you might be too anxious, here are five possible causes for your sleepless nights and paranoid tendencies. At least you know that you’re not alone with your nerves.

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There is a lack of communication
Without communication, couples both lose a vital sense of intimacy and often become paranoid about each other’s whereabouts. You certainly don’t need to maintain constant conversation, but it’s important to check in with one another throughout the day in order to prevent the “what ifs” from surfacing.

There isn’t any mention of the future
It’s one thing if you’re not quite ready to take the next step, but if you’ve been a part of a relationship for a while and neither of you will commit to anything past a week in advance, this could be why you’re nervous. The only thing scarier than a relationship with a deadline is a relationship made up of wasted time.

This is not his first serious relationship
Feeling like you have to live up to an ex is undeniably anxiety-provoking, especially if you sense that your partner might still have feelings for her. If this is a cause of your romantic woes, then be open about it—it’s better to know where he stands than to feel “in the dark” about his intentions.

This is your first serious relationship
On the other hand, being in your first long-term relationship might even be worse than acknowledging your partner’s baggage. You might panic over every move you make, unsure of what people are “supposed” to do in a relationship. Remember to take it day by day and welcome romance on your own terms. You’ll never be happy if you attempt to follow unrealistic guidelines.

 An absence of affection
Not everyone needs sweet nicknames, but every relationship needs a little romance. Whether you’re craving a heartfelt compliment from time to time or a good morning kiss, anything less will put you at risk for some serious anxiety. A simple solution would be to show some affection yourself as a hint to your partner.