7 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar!

We all consume sugar because it is really delicious and our body needs it for proper work, but if we use it in high amounts it can be harmful for our body.

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Here are 7 signs which indicate that you are eating too much sugar:

Lack of energy and tiredness

If you constantly feel tired or fatigue, you must consult your nutritionist because it may be caused by too much sugar in your diet.

Carb/Sugar Cravings

The consummation of sugar can make a sugar craving’s chain reaction as it is so addictive and you can’t bear a moment without carbs.

Anxiety or depression

Eating too much sugar makes your body physically and emotionally crash. You may feel lethargy, sadness and social withdrawal.

Feelings of anxiety, such as nervousness, feeling of impending doom and constant worry may also be a sign that you must change your diet.

Frequent Flu and Cold

If you get flu or cold more often than usually, it can be caused by having too much sugar in your diet. Too much sugar in our body weakens the immune system and makes the natural ability of the body t fight the viruses and bacteria weaker.

Not the same sweet taste as before

Experts claim that the intake of too much sugar bombards the taste buds by increasing their tolerance to sugar.

You will start craving for even sweeter foods over time and nothing will be as sweet as it used to be.

Feet and Skin Problems

High amounts of sugar in our body can lead to inflammatory problems for the skin. If you suffer from dryness or oiliness, eczema, rosacea or acne, the sugar could be to blame.

Weight Gain

When we consume sugar, the body produces more insulin and with time the excessive output leads to insulin resistance.

In these situations our body cannot respond to normal insulin amounts properly and cannot use the sugar in the right way. That is why we gain weight.