8 Signs That You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

“The intelligent man is the one who has successfully fulfilled many accomplishments, and is yet willing to learn more.”

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Many intelligent people are full of doubts and lack of self-confidence, so they don’t achieve the success they deserve. If you are not sure about your intelligent level, then our team Go Fit Stay Fit is going to give you 8 signs which indicate that you are more intelligent than you can imagine.

1. You took music lessons

You took music lessons

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It is confirmed that learning to play musical instruments helps childhood development. According to this, if you are playing some instrument, then you are smarter than you think. Therefore, give your kid a violin or guitar and see how it will change. After only one month of music lessons, it will improve its test scores.

2. You were breastfed as a baby

A study made in the UK found that babes who were breast-fed have 7 points more on IQ tests than those who weren’t. That is why every mother should give the best for her children. The mother’s milk is unreplaceable for the babies; it gives them essential nutrients which help the physical and mental development of the baby.

3. You love reading

You love reading

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If you love reading and you passed a few hours a day with your favorite book, then you are a really intelligent person. People who read from their early years have higher IQ than others. Reading from an early age improves a person’s verbal as well as non-verbal abilities.

4. You are curious

You can notice that curious people are full of information. They ask everything, and they want to know everything. It is an important characteristic in intelligent people. These people have a different form of thinking and in solving problems. But for sure they are smarter than other people.

5. You are left-handed


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Left-handed people are creative, inventive and very smart people. It was found that many criminals in the world are left-handed. One of the latest research indicates that left-handed people are inclined to divergent thinking- a way of creative thinking that is employed to solve problems and tasks.

6. You strive for perfection

People who strive for perfection are extremely intelligent.  They are never satisfied with things; they always work harder and make everything the way they want. That is why they are the most successful people in the world.

7. You are a night owl

You are a night owl

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Satoshi Kanazawa, the scientist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, found a connection between intelligence and adaptive behaviors. He wrote that “Routine nocturnal activities are probably rare in the ancestral environment and are thus evolutionarily novel.” The research shows that “more intelligent children are more likely to go to bed late and also wake up late whether on weekdays or weekends.

8. You can be funny

The sense of humor and high intelligence are connected. People who can be funny have higher IQ results. If you know how to tell jokes, and how to entertain others then you are a smart and creative person. People love your company, and you have a lot of friends.