Aborted Baby Cells in Vaccines–Is it Truth or Just a Lie?

We could not say whether it is an intentionally spread information by opponents of vaccines or it is just an unintentional error, but in any case, there is a famous people proverb “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

The fact is that the vaccine dose cannot contain the already mentioned cells, but we also know that cells from three month old human embryos are regularly used in the production of vaccines.

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Namely, vaccine production requires viruses (or parts of the viruses) which must be cultivated into host cells because the virus is not capable of reproduction outside of the cell.

Cells from various species of mammals are used in the production of many vaccines, but some types of viruses (example. Measles) are specific to the human body and can only multiply in the cells of humans.

By using the human cell lines, researchers can cultivate viruses that are dangerous to humans,but also are able to weaken their virulence properties. One way to reduce the potency of the virus is its cultivation on temperatures lower than the body or in a 30 degrees Celsius environment.

After several generations, the virus started to adapt to that temperature, so when it enters in the body where the temperature is higher, it loses the ability to reproduce. It may cause a response to the human defense system, but it cannot reproduce in a sufficient concentration to cause disease.

The first vaccine produced by using human cells is the one against rubella, produced in 1940, in Wistar University, Philadelphia. They used cell strains from embryonic lung tissue from aborted human fetus.

In those cells the rubella virus developed without contamination. The cell strain received the code name Wi-38, and it goes by the same name even today. This vaccine has been used as a part of the trivalent MMR vaccine.


Now, we could presume that the vaccine dose has no sign of embryonic cells that are used in the production of vaccines.

Otherwise, the person who receives the vaccine could face strong immune response to the organism, which in some cases could be life threatening.

However, there is something that floats in the air and needs to be mentioned.

Part of the public, including supporters of homeopathy believe that the medium where the antigen is located (cultured virus), which in most cases is water, receives information about the presence of human cells.

It holds it by itself and keeps it written into the molecular structure of water for a specific period of time. Not identical, but much like homeopathic medicine,it remembers the presence of the active component, and manifests it on the body later on.

According to the proponents of this idea, this moment is the trigger which encourages the defense cells in certain organisms to “fine tune” its properties against its own body cells.

We could not give the answer to this argument because the substances cannot be proven with a laboratory research and remain in the quantum medicine.

When it comes to this, remember the words of the great Nikola Tesla “When medicine begins to get studied on quantum level, in a very short period of time it will advance as much as it is necessary for its development from the very beginning of the modern medicine until today.”

Below you can find a list of vaccines whose production involves using cells from human embryos. The list is published on the official website of the US National Institutes of Health.

  • Adenovirus
  • Small Pox
  • MMR 2
  • Polio + DTaP + HiB
  • Hepatitis-A
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Rabies