Clever uses for single socks so you don’t have to throw them out

What is it about socks that makes them so hard to lose?

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How many times have you put a load of washing on, only to discover that a sock has randomly disappeared, never to be seen again?

It leaves you with one lonely sock that you probably end up throwing in the bin.

The worst part is disposing of the sock, only to discover its pair days or weeks later in the most ridiculous places.

Thankfully, there are actually plenty of uses for single socks that you probably haven’t thought about before.

So, if you find yourself with an odd sock next time you’re doing a load, don’t throw it out. It may just come in handy.

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Use it to dust

How many times have you had guests come around, only to discover that you’ve forgotten to dust your blinds?

While feather dusters usually do a great job, it can be hard to get all the dust, particularly in hard-to-reach places.

If you place the single sock over your hand as if it were a glove then glide your hand over the dusty area, you should find that it picks up the dirt quickly and easily.

The best part is you can dispose of the dirty sock once you’ve done your job.

Use it to stop condensation

Particularly in the summer months, this hack can come in handy. If you’ve ever got a bottle of water or a cool drink out of the fridge, you’ve probably faced the frustration of condensation. It can be particularly annoying when water goes all over your clothes, wooden tabletop, or even if your bag if you’re out and about.

Simply put the bottle or can inside a sock. The sock will absorb the water, preventing it from damaging your items or causing a mess. Just be sure the sock is clean before putting it near food and drinks!

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Prevent seatbelt burns

If you’ve ever got into a hot car on a summer’s day, you’ll know how painful it can be when you accidentally clip yourself on the seatbelt buckle.

To prevent yourself from burning yourself, simply place a sock over the metal part of the belt when you get out of the car. This will ensure that you don’t hurt yourself when you return to the car later.

Keep shoes safe

There’s nothing worse than storing a pair of your favourite shoes away, only to find that they’re covered in dust when you really want to wear them for a special occasion.

While socks are usually worn in shoes, this is one case where that rule goes completely out the window. Simply place the sock over your shoe to protect them when you’re not using them.

You’ll find that they’re squeaky clean next time you’re ready to put them on.

Great for packing or storing small objects

How many times have you gone to play a board game, only to discover the dice missing or a piece has mysteriously vanished?

Single socks are a great and easy way of keeping all the small pieces together and ensuring they don’t go missing.

They’re also great for adding protection to small items if you are moving house or transporting valuable goods.

Stop an umbrella from dripping

If you’ve misplaced the little case that came with your umbrella, socks are a great substitute. It’s pretty straight forward. Simple place the wet umbrella in the sock after you’ve used it to prevent water from dripping in your bag or throughout your car.

Do you ever lose your socks? Have you ever used them for anything interesting?