Drink This Amount of Coffee to Save Your Liver NOW

Coffee is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you open your eyes in the morning and the smell of it just makes everything better. Some were put off drinking coffee after a study was published back in 2008 that said coffee decreases your breast size if you drink 3+ cups a day. However, now a different study says that coffee is super health beneficial especially when it comes to our liver function.

A group of researchers from the University of Southampton conducted a study that revealed 2 cups of coffee actually decrease your risk of liver cirrhosis, which is a serious disease that has life-threatening consequences.

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What’s scary about cirrhosis is that it starts slowly and silently and many people don’t realize something is off until it’s too late. It starts replacing the healthy liver tissue with scar tissue and little by little obstructs our liver function until it start failing completely.

The link between your liver and coffee

The study involved an analysis of 9 different researches with more than 430.000 subjects and the results showed that an increased caffeine intake can actually lower the cirrhosis risk by 50-80%. Moreover, caffeine also reduces the death rate in people suffering from this dangerous disease.

But cirrhosis is not the only thing caffeine protects you from, it also reduces the risk of liver fibrosis and liver cancer and its progression. However, it’s not just the caffeine that’s health beneficial, there are also two other compounds coffee beans contain, cafestol and kahweol, which protect your liver from these conditions. If we factor in the antioxidant levels as well, we might as well say that coffee is an elixir of health.

How to exploit the health benefits of coffee?

If you want to protect your liver and promote your overall health follow these advices:

  1. Consume coffee

If you want to protect your liver from diseases and promote its function you should consume 2-3 cups of coffee a day.

  1. Caffeinated is the right choice

Since the research clearly specifies that there’s a direct link between a healthy liver and caffeine drinking decaf will have no liver-protecting effects. The study suggests you should go for espresso, instant coffee or filtered.

  1. Eliminate alcohol

You shouldn’t use coffee as a counter for excess alcohol intake, because it won’t have that effect. Alcohol, especially in excess, can seriously endanger your health and not even drinking coffee can help you with the damage you’ll be doing. A glass of wine or two can’t hurt but drinking too much is not advised.

There you have it, if you thought coffee is your guilty pleasure you were very much mistaken. Go for that cup of coffee and enjoy it guilt free now that you know it’s health beneficial.

Article and image source: https://www.stethnews.com