Ex Chief Scientist From The British Science Offices Warnes About The Connection Between MMR Vaccines And Autism

A former scientist from the British science offices has recently announced that his former employer is responsible for “some unexplained phenomena” related to the use of the popular MMR vaccine. Dr. Peter Fletcher was the chief scientist in the Medicine Safety Committee in Great Britain during the 70s, and was responsible for releasing medications and vaccines to the public. In a recent interview, Dr. Fletcher has admitted that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. “If the government doesn’t calculate the risk, this will become one of the biggest scandals in the history of medicine!”

He also said that, after agreeing to become a medical expert in court cases which were mainly lawsuits by parents of children who got sick after getting their vaccines, he got thousands of controversial documents he believes the public needs to see. Fletcher got irrefutable evidence from leading scientists that the MMR vaccine is really connected to brain damage in some children.

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“However,” he says, “there are many powerful people at high places in England, who have sacrificed their reputation and careers for the safety of the vaccine and are ready to do everything they can to protect themselves.”

The link between the vaccine and autism was first discovered by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a former gastroenterologist and medical researcher back in 1998. Dr. Wakefield’s research was savagely attacked by the government, pharmaceutical industry and traditional science. However, he still claims that his research was correct, although he needs more studies to pinpoint the harmful effect of the vaccine.

Fletcher’s warning comes after the British government announced that it plans to introduce additional vaccines for pneumococcal meningitis in babies, proposing the vaccination to start next April. The government also plans to recommend the vaccine for children up to 2 years – not to protect them, but to also protect their parents and other adults.

This is not the first time Dr. Fletcher has warned about the dangers of the MMR vaccine – he spoke to the Daily Mail about it in 2001. At the time, Dr. Fletcher was concerned that there were no precautions before the vaccine was introduced in his country, but now he says that what he always doubted has emerged on the surface. He claims that the vaccine is responsible for autism as well as for the intestinal problems caused by autism.

“Why isn’t the government taking this seriously?” he asks. “Rarely anyone considers the vaccine the culprit, but there are literally thousands of pages of concrete evidence which show that there’s a link between it and autism. And, the government just doesn’t seem to care,” Dr. Fletcher explains.

“When scientists said that there may be a possible link between mad cow disease and a new strain of KJB which was present in only 20-30 patients, millions of cows were slaughtered. However, even with the increasing number of autistic children in recent decades, which coincides with the introduction of the MMR vaccine, no one wants even to admit what’s happening.”

Dr. Fletcher also refutes the claims that the increasing number of autistic children is related to doctors being able to recognize the condition now. He considers this notion absurd, and links the disease directly to the vaccine.