From Garden To The House – DIY Pest Control, Much Easier Than You Thought! Recipes Included Too.

The natural pest control is less costly than you think and less costly than store items and pesticides. Besides, this is safer for the garden and family or environment too. Every year, North American house owners use 136 million pounds pesticides for the lawns and gardens or even inside homes!

The shocking fact is that these people use 3 times the pesticides as farmers. Most pesticides are toxic and contaminate the water, and this damages the nature on long terms!

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To prevent insects damage try this natural method we have for you. Have a healthy garden.

Prevention tips for garden pest control:
  • Weed out every weak plant or infected one. Pull it and dispose of it away from the garden
  • Get seaweed mulch with iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur, magnesium for healthy plants. Also this repels all slugs.
  • Minimize insect habitats. Clean the garden from debris and weeds and use clean mulch.
  • Every morning water it, but early in the morning. Wet leaves get more insects and get more fungi
  • If you worked on infested plants, clean all tools, gloves and shoes before you work again.
Natural pest control – DIY

The DIY cures are cheap and better. Many DIY sprays are better for removal of pests. Here are the solutions.

  1. Mites and aphids– mix 1 tbsp olive oil and some drops non-toxic dish soap in ¼ water. Put this In spray bottle and shake. Spray from top to bottom and below and upwards on the leaves. This smothers bugs.
  2. Grubs– get some granules of milky spores and spread this on the soil. This makes grubs diseased and dead. This just kills the grubs without harming other good bugs. This treatment lasts for 40 years!
  3. Slugs and snails– sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on the plants and garden edges. The earth particles are sharp and remove slugs, bugs and snails.
  4. Pests– coffee has a strong smell that is hated by insects and animals. Put coffee ground near plants to repel ants, rodents, snails. Also add this in the top layer of soil. Coffee has minerals and is amazing for the garden. But, it does not go well with tomato plant.
  5. Mosquitoes– lemongrass is helping here. It has natural oil citronella and you can purchase this Thai plant or grow it at home. It repels mosquitoes, breaks stalk and peels outer leaves from the pulp. Rub the pulp on the skin and also add this in spray bottle with some alcohol for spraying. This plant near the patio is handy too.
DIY recipe for anti-bug spray with garlic and pepper

Chop and grind the garlic, 1 bulb and an onion. Add 1 tsp powder cayenne and ¼ water. Let this soak for 60 min and strain with cheesecloth. Add 1 tbsp olive oil and mix. The oil will coat larvae and their eggs.

Spray the plants and leaves too.

Store the mix in the fridge for tops a week.


This mix might cause skin and eye irritation. Use gloves and glasses too.