Here’s how to fix every common zipper problem

Zippers haven’t changed much from when they were first introduced, and neither have their problems. Luckily, no matter the problem, the zipper can usually be fixed.

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From a stuck zipper to a broken zipper pull, if you’re experiencing any of these problems, these tips are definitely worth a go!

A stuck zipper

If your zipper is not budging, try using a pencil – simply run the pencil lead over the teeth of the zipper to unzip it. The graphite powder in the lead should help the zipper unstick.

Another great trick is to use Windex, soap or lip balm to lubricate the zipper. Simply apply the lubricant to the teeth until the zipper moves up and down.

Teeth won’t stay closed

If a zipper is not closing, try using a pencil or bar of soap to smooth out the teeth, by running it gentle along both sids of the zipper. Before you do this, check to make sure a piece of clothing or thread isn’t stuck in the zipper.

Zipper won’t stay up

There is nothing more embarrassing than a zipper that won’t stay up. Unfortunately, this problem can’t be fixed permanently, unless you replace the zipper. However, there is a temporary fix. Simply slide a key ring through the zipper and pull the ring over your pants button to keep the zipper up. For more flexibility, try using a rubber band.

The zipper pull broke off

A broken zipper pull can be very annoying, but this is one of the easiest problems to fix. Turn a paperclip or a keyring into a zipper pull by sliding it through the tab on the slider. While it’s not the most stylish solution, at least you’ll be able to use your zipper, and you can always hide the evidence with a long shirt!

How do you fix a broken zipper?