Lagundi For Pain Alleviation, Cough, And Rheumatism!

Lagundi or along with Vitex negundo as its Technological name is really a native Philippines plant found in swamps. It develops to 8 meters and possesses a thicker and hard woody stem-like trunk area with palmately leaves, comprising 3-5 pointy leaves.

Lagundi are lavender flowers. Additionally, they are present in Iran, Africa, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma. China, Thailand, Indo-China, Japan, within the entire Malesian area, and are generally cultivated within Asia, European countries, North America as well as West Indies.

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Lagundi continues to be utilized as herbal medication in the Philippines. This was supported by the Division of Health insurance and some Philippine-based researchers that have conducted research about the effectivity as therapy for respiratory conditions. Generally, lagundi is used for the remedying of asthma, coughs as well as other respiratory system concerns.

Health advantages of Lagundi:

1. Pain alleviation

Lagundi continues to be known as very effective being a pain reliever simply because of its analgesic attributes and it has been compared to drugs such as aspirin.

Like a traditional treatment, people within the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia along with other Asian countries get lagundi like a herbal fix for pain relief right after dental tooth extractions.

The Lagundi may also be taken against a headache. Apart from taking this a decoction, you may use the smashed lagundi leaves and put them on your temple or put the leaves in your pillow and rest on it to alleviate headaches.


For getting rid of a toothache, steam six tbsp of refreshing or 4 tablespoons associated with dried lagundi leaves within two glasses of water till half the quantity of water evaporates. Separate the mix into 3 parts as well as drink this every 3 to 4 hours. When utilizing this fix for children, put fewer leaves.

2. Remedying of Respiratory Problems

The Philippine Health Department recognized the advantage of this plant for the remedying of respiratory issues including coughing, cold, influenza, asthma as well as pharyngitis. The actual Philippine federal government is marketing this plant as an organic remedy in order to Western coughing medicines.

Lagubdi contains anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, as well as analgesic attributes. It also includes a compound referred to as Chrysoplenol D with muscle mass relaxant as well as anti-histamine attributes that assist in relieving respiratory issues.

Additionally, this prevents manufacturing of a group of chemical substances called leukotrienes that go with swelling occurring throughout a breathing difficulties attack. Included in that, lagundi provides anti-asthma as well as antitussive results because of its anti-inflammatory action. Consequently, lagundi aids in decreasing the intensity of signs and symptoms of a breathing difficulties attack.


1. To alleviate a cough consume lagundi tea or mix it to herbal remedies too. Take one cup of this tea at least three times every day for cough alleviation.

2. All those struggling with breathing difficulties can steam four tbsp of dried lagundi leaves within 2 cups of drinking water for up to 15 minutes. Strain the fluid and consume about a one-half cup of the decoction no less than 3 times each day. Continue the therapy for 7 days.

3. Therapy of Digestive Issues

Lagundi is a great herb for intestinal associated issues. It will help enhance your hunger and general digestion procedure.

Flowers, as well as roots of the plant, prefer correct issues such as cholera, diarrhea, intestinal tract worms, fatigue, stomachache, and other gastrointestinal problems. Root powder consists of demulcent attributes, thus, it really is great for dealing with piles.

Additionally, hepato-protective a result of vitex plant is helpful in the treatment of liver related problems.

How to Use:

1. Boil a number flowers as well as leaves along with 2 glasses of water.
2. Boil till the quantity of drinking water is decreased to 1 / 2.
3. Stress the fluid and have this thrice every day.


This particular mixture will help in the remedying of your belly problems.

4. Treatment of Rheumatism

Lagundi root-bark is recognized to be a highly effective treatment with regard to rheumatism. Additionally, a water vapor bath which is prepared by the plant assists with the therapy of rheumatic ailments. Additionally, the leaves of the flower can assist in relieving inflammation and swelling in your joints.

5. Remedying of Skin Issues

The leaves, as well as seed products of lagundi, is packed with cooling, anti-histamine, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic as well as anti-microbial results. These make it effective in preventing as well as treating issues such as itching skin, dull pores, and skin, boils, chicken pox, insect attacks, wounds as well as skin contamination.

How to Use:

1. In case you are struggling with eczema, steam some leaves as well as make the paste from them.
2. Apply the actual paste within the inflamed region for immediate relief.

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