Millions watch emotional video of baby hearing for first time

Charly smiles after hearing her mum’s voice for the first time.

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It’s not everyday you get to witness something like this.

Charly was born profoundly deaf and hadn’t heard a sound until she was fitted with a hearing aid in early October.

Her mother Christy decided to film the moment Charly’s hearing device was turned on for the first time so they could remember her reaction forever and it didn’t disappoint.

Christy shared the special video on Youtube on October 14 and it has since been viewed more than 4 million times.

She later wrote on Instagram that it was an emotional moment for the entire family.

“She’s holding back happy tears and emotional as her mama. We had our miracle moment that I have been praying for when Char got her hearing aids today,” she said.

“We didn’t think she would hear anything so this was more incredible than I can put in to words. Her journey to implants and language development is off to an amazing start!”

Comments have flooded in with many saying they were moved to tears when they saw Charly realise the sound was coming from her mother.

Take a look for yourself and tell us if you get a tear in your eye!

While we often take for granted the sound of our family’s voices, it goes to show there’s nothing like hearing “I love you” for the first time.

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Did you tear up?