Mixing Some Fruits With Cucumbers Can Be Poisonous! Eat Them Separately!

We all believe that a bowl of mixed fruits or veggies is one the healthiest combinations for any meal and we’re mostly right, but is every combination beneficial? Health experts say that some fruits and veggies shouldn’t be mixed as they may pose a health treat when combined.

Another thing we should remember is that some fruits or veggies can interact with certain drugs or medications so we should be careful if we’re on some therapy.

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For example, kale is super-healthy but it can have some dangerous side-effects if you take it along with some medications. The same goes for grapefruit juice.

Every fruit and vegetable is healthy and should be consumed on a regular basis you just need to know that some combinations are not health beneficial and you should eat your fruits or vegetables separately. They’re all abundant in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and high amounts of water but some of them are slowly digested in your body while others faster and this can cause a problem when you eat them combined. The foods start fermenting in your digestive system and possibly have poisonous effects.

Should we eat fruits after a meal?

Fruits are mostly consisted of simple sugars that don’t even need digestion, meaning they will not be in our digestive system for long. Other foods like protein, fat and starch that are usually consumed for lunch or dinner, take longer to digest and will stay in our stomach for longer. That means that fruits after a meal are not a good idea, they’ll be forced to stay in your stomach for as long as your meal is digesting, causing them to ferment and create digestive issues.

Below you’ll find 7 food combos you should avoid, even though they’re popular and loved by many, because they’ll most likely cause digestive issues:

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of our favorite pasta combinations but it’s a bad one. Pasta is loaded with starch which has a different digestion time compared to protein and the combo will create digestive issues.

Cheese and Meat

Meat and cheese may sound delicious but due to the massive protein amount it should be avoided.

Veggies and cheese

If you mix veggies with cheese they will most certainly cause bloating.

Orange Juice and Bread or Noodles

This is one of the worst combinations because your stomach creates acids to digest the juice which will probably destroy the enzyme you need to digest the starch in bread.

Watermelon and Melon

Melons and watermelons should always be consumed separately.

Milk and Bananas

This is another bad combination as it can slow down your digestion.

Fruit and Yogurt

A preferred breakfast combination for many but a bad one nonetheless. It will slow down your digestion and cause problems in your intestinal flora.

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Article and image source: https://alternativehealthuniverse.com