Never Marry the Guy Who’s Too Good to Be True (He’s Sketchy)

Everyone has the right to a couple flaws, and therefore when a guy tries to pretend that he’s excluded from this fact of life he’s clearly hiding something. Here are five major indications that your “perfect” guy is actually a phony.

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Your honeymoon “phase” is dragging on
The first few months of your relationship should be unnaturally affectionate, but then things are meant to settle into normalcy. An extended honeymoon phase shows that he isn’t being realistic.

He has no dating history
Even if he isn’t lying, his lack of experience with women will most definitely become a problem at some point. If you’re the first partner he’s ever had, you might become his “trial run” and that’s no good.

He spends all of his time with you
This is either clingy, or an indication that he doesn’t have other people in his life – either way it’s a red flag. You cannot sustain a relationship in which you two do absolutely everything together, it’s simply unhealthy.

He always says the right thing
Of course, there will be times when your partner needs to make you feel better, but any guy who never slips up with his responses is probably a fake. Being genuine means sometimes having to hurt people for the sake of honesty.

He agrees with everything you say
Being able to have different opinions is vital in every relationship because it fosters growth. If he changes his values to match yours, he’s simply too afraid of conflict and that’s concerning.


If Your Relationship Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is