Remove the kids’ crayon from your walls with this food item

It’s nice when the grandkids come to visit, but not so nice when they take their crayons and get creative with them on your walls.

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No need to panic. This handy little tip using a household food item will have it coming off in no time.

In addition to some tea tree oil, you will need a slice of brown bread. Yep! Bread.

While you could use white bread for this activity, the brown bread contains bran and this acts as a gentle abrasive while the bread itself is an absorbent.

Just put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the middle of the bread. Scrunch it into a ball with the oil facing the wall and gently rub.

You’ll see the marks coming off.

Then use the crusts of the bread to wipe any excess oil off the wall.

The tea tree oil dissolves the wax from the crayon and the bread takes away the pigment.

Have you used this tip? What other tips do you have for removing crayon? Share them with us.