Santa’s moving response to kids who ask for dead grandparents for Xmas

Christmas sure can be a magical time for children.

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In addition to putting up the Christmas tree and eating candy canes, one of the most exciting experiences for a kid is visiting Santa Claus at the local shopping centre.

They usually pose for a photo that parents and grandparents cherish for ever and get a chance to ask the big man in red personally what they want for Christmas.

While most kids ask for the latest gadget or the must-have toy, some children ask for something they can’t possibly get.

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In some cases, they ask for a loved one who has passed away to be brought back.

Kids understand that Santa has a lot of magical powers such as the ability to fly in a sleigh and to travel around the world in one night, so it can be confusing for them when they’re told that a beloved grandparent or family member can’t be brought back.

According to Jim Manning, who is a professional Santa Claus, the question can be extremely difficult to answer when he’s speaking to kids.

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“The hardest gigs are when families have had a recent loss,” he explained to Business Insider.

“Children will sometimes ask me to bring back a deceased relative or pet, and I have to explain that there’s limits to what even I can do as Santa.”

Still, Manning said he offers children a heartfelt message, even though he can’t give them what they want.

He said: “I remind them that their loved ones are looking down on them from heaven, and that their family and friends are here for them as well.”

In the article, Manning also explained that he never commits to any present requests and that he always leaves enquiries about pets to the mums and dads.

What do you think? Has a grandchild ever asked you to bring someone back from the dead for Christmas. How do you respond?