The 10 Best Sleeping Positions

We all need sleep if we want our bodies to function normally and be full of energy and youthfulness. But there are some people who enjoy sleeping more, and there are those who don’t prefer it so much as they feel it’s a waste of time. However, you feel about sleeping you should know that it’s vital for every bodily function.

The amount of sleep is important; all health experts recommend a minimum of 8 hours per night but there’s something else that’s just as important – the sleeping position. It affects your sleep quality greatly and if your preferred sleeping position is not quite beneficial it can affect your overall health:

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Here are the 10 most common sleeping positions and how they affect our overall health:

Sleeping on your back with arms up

We call this position the starfish and it has a positive effect on your back and is good against acid reflux, snoring and wrinkles. But some people experience shoulder discomfort so you should use an extra pillow if you like sleeping in this position.

Sleeping on the back

This position is also beneficial especially because it’s a neutral spinal position and doesn’t pressure the back, improving the spine and neck health.


Spooning provides stress relief but can cause aches and pains. Psychologists say that physical contact even if it’s during sleep can have stress-relieving effect on both partners.

Pillow cuddling

If you have spinal pain or excess stress on your joints this position can be beneficial for you.

Sleeping on the side

If you snore a lot or suffer from sleep apnea you should sleep on your side. It’s good against back pain and it aligns your spine in a straight line. But it may cause wrinkles and saggy breasts so try to change it up a bit throughout the night.

Sleeping back to back without contact

It may mean that your relationship is problematic if you sleep back to back with your partner. It may also mean that you’ve had a hard day at work and just want to rest.

Fetal Position

This position can cause back and neck problems and is not good for adults. It also restricts breathing which may interfere with your sleep quality. People who often sleep in fetal position are more prone to stress.

Back to back, way to the edges of the bed

Many call it the pre-divorce position but in reality more than 90% of couples who sleep like this are happily married or in a harmonious relationship.

Sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is the worst sleeping position as it puts pressure on your back and cause a pins and needles sensation in your legs and arms.

Facing each other

If you mostly sleep face to face with your partner it means that you’re in a healthy relationship and this position is intimate, allows for cuddling and eye contact.

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