Tips On Increasing Your Breast Size Without Surgery

Every woman dreams of having a fuller cleavage and many are willing to go under the knife to achieve this result. However, surgery is the most drastic measure and we’re all aware that it’s expensive, difficult, painful and carries along certain risks, isn’t this a bit higher price to pay for bigger breasts?

But if bigger breasts are your lifelong dream as well you shouldn’t give up on it just yet, surgery isn’t the only option and there are some other solutions that can help you achieve this without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. We’ve got a few tips on how to increase your cup size but have in mind that these aren’t instant recipes that will provide results overnight but if you’re persistent and dedicated to your goal the results will be inevitable.

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Below you can find a few advices that will help you have a fuller cleavage and a more voluptuous figure without going under the knife. Follow them patiently and step by step you’ll reach your goal.

Eat more protein-rich food

Protein boosts estrogen and progesterone production, two important hormones that play an essential role in determining the growth of your breasts. So the first thing you need to do if you want a fuller cleavage is to stimulate your body to produce more of these hormones. Try to include more protein rich food in your diet like red meat, pork, fish and poultry, they’re an excellent choice. If you’re not a fan of meat you can opt for other types of food like beans, nuts, peas, quinoa, tofu, leafy greens and tempeh.

Include more foods that contain estrogen

As we already pointed out hormones are vital when it comes to breast size so if you want to increase them you should consider adding more foods that naturally contain estrogen as they will increase the hormones’ levels. Which are the best foods for this purpose? Consider eating more sunflower seeds, flaxseed and soy and its by-products, you can also add eggs, legumes and meat as well.

Improve your blood circulation through food

If you want a fuller figure you need to increase the blood flow to your bosom. Why is this important? Well because better circulation means better nutrient distribution, oxygen absorption and hormone supply, key factors when it comes to breast size. How to achieve this with food? You should consider eating more garlic, ginger, sunflower seeds, citrus fruits, cayenne pepper, oats, ginkgo biloba, oats, goji berries, dark chocolate, avocados, watermelon, red bell peppers, radish and asparagus. All of these foods are known to improve blood circulation and will definitely help you have a fuller figure.

Regular breast massage can help significantly

If you’re interested in increasing your breasts’ size one of the most pleasant solutions for your problem is breast massage. But you need to do it regularly if you want it to have effect. Massage your breasts twice a day, 15 minutes in the morning and again in the evening, using circular motions to stimulate blood flow and increase the hormone and nutrient supply to your breast area.

Plenty of herbs can help you promote breast growth

Visit your local health store and you’ll find an array of herbs that can help you in your quest. One of the most commonly known herb that promotes breast size increase is fenugreek. It boosts the progesterone and estrogen production and all the women who’ve tried it swear it’s very effective. Fennel seeds are also very effective for this as are red clovers, which also make your breasts firmer. You can use Pueraria mirifica to regulate the female hormones levels which you can find in gel and cream form or in capsules for oral use. If you take saw palmetto it will help you reduce the testosterone levels and thus promote breast growth. Finally, wild yam is also said to be beneficial for increasing breast size, you can find it in powder form and add it to your massage lotions and creams.

Do more chest exercises

Exercise aimed at the chest muscle area can help you have firmer and fuller bosom and may be one of the safest way to increase your breast size. Push ups, dumbbell fly and similar exercise will strengthen your chest muscles, firm and tone them and make your breasts look bigger and fuller. They will also tone your arms and shoulders, giving you an improved upper body look overall.

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