5 Exercises to Melt Fat From Belly and Hips

Nowadays every woman wants to have a slim and good looking body. They followed different diets and exhausted workout plans to achieve their goals. But it is not so easy like it seems to be. Building the body takes time and needs hard work and consistency.

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In this article, we are going to give you five excellent exercises for melting fat from your belly and hips. You need to follow them every day for one month, and then you will notice the results.

1. Jumping Squats


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Start this exercise standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then do a regular squat and finish it jumping up in the air. When you land, lower your body back into a squat position. Repeat it ten times.

2. Jumping Jacks


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Your starting position is standing with feet together and hands by your sides. Then simultaneously raise your hands up above your head, while jumping up, so you spread your feet above twice shoulder-width apart. Bring your body back to the starting position. Do it several times.

3. Burpee


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Start with a standing position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Then lower your body into a squatting position, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Get your feet back and lower your chest to do a push-up. Bring your chest back up. With feet in the starting position, stand up and then jump into the air while clapping your arms overhead.

4. Walking Lunges


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Start the exercises standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Then step forward with one leg and flex your knees until your rear knee nearly touches the floor. After that, bring your body back. Switch legs and Repeat it 20 times.

5. Bicycle Crunches


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Lie on the ground with your feet on the floor and your hands behind your head. Lift your knees to about 90-degree angle and then rice your upper body. Start doing a bicycle pedal motion, bringing one knee up towards your armpit while straightening the other leg. Rotate your torso during the movement. Do this as much as you can.

These are extremely easy and efficient exercises. Every one of us can do them in our own homes. They don’t take a lot of time and also don’t need any special equipment.

If you want to make some changes on your body, you should start it from today. After several weeks the results will be obvious.