6 Warning Signs That Show Your Liver is Full of Toxins

Do you know that liver is one of the vital organs in our bodies? It is the largest internal organ which is located on the upper right part of our abdomen, below the diaphragm. It has many essential functions, and some of them are making proteins and blood clotting factors, manufacturing triglycerides and cholesterol, glycogen synthesis and bile production.

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There are numerous of disease which can affect the liver and lead to fatal endings. That is why we should protect this organ and improve its functions. We must eliminate the toxins from our bodies and prevent their harmful effects.

Here you have six warning signs which indicate that your life is full of toxins.

1. Allergies

When our liver feels that something is not right, it starts creating antibodies that attack the harmful compounds and make them go away. In cases when our liver is full of toxins it will not do his work properly, and it will leave the allergens to develop in the body. You will start feeling the allergy symptoms.

2. Chronic Fatigue

Doctors claim that chronic fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of liver toxicity. The toxins in our body disrupt muscle metabolism, produce aches and physical fatigue. So if you often feel tired without any cause, you should consult your doctor immediately and detoxify your body before it is too late.

3. Feeling Pain in the Liver Area

As we said, the liver is located on the upper right side of the abdomen, below the diaphragm. So if you start feeling pain in this area, you should suspect on some liver disorder. The pain can be quite intense, and it may occur several times a day.

4. Leg and Ankle Swelling

Many of the liver disorders lead to portal hypertension which is the reason of fluid accumulation in the legs. This edema is painless, and you can notice it on your both legs, calves or the thighs. You can reduce it by applying cold compresses, but you should visit your doctor and treat the real problem.

5. Weight Gaining

When our liver is full of toxins, it cannot deal with them, and in many cases, it stores the unfiltered toxins in fat cells. You will gain extra weight for a short period, and whatever you do you won’t reduce the extra weight till you detoxify your body from the toxins.

6. Yellow skin and yellow eyes

The condition of yellow skin and yellow eyes is known as jaundice. It happens because our liver makes the system accumulate too much bilirubin which is a yellow pigment formed by the breakdowns of the dead red blood cells in the liver.

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If you notice some of these symptoms you shouldn’t waste time, you must consult your doctor immediately and find a way to detoxify your body from the toxins.