8 uses for baby shampoo, from removing stains to softening skin

Baby shampoo isn’t just for babies! The gentle product has a fair few other unexpected uses.

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From removing grease stains to easing Band-Aid pain, a little dollop goes a long way.

Remove stubborn grease stains

Stubborn grease stains can sometimes be a little tricky to remove. If you’ve been avoiding the stain, this tried and tested method is definitely worth a go. Simply add a drop of baby shampoo to a sponge and work over until the stain disappears.

No soap? No problem

If you run out, don’t fret! Baby shampoo is the perfect substitute. And if normal dishwashing liquid usually leaves your hands dry, baby shampoo is definitely worth the switch. Why? Baby shampoo is a lot more gentle on the skin than other products.

Fix a stuck zipper

If you’re zipper isn’t budging, try using baby shampoo. Simply apply the lubricant and rub it in to the zipper’s teeth, until the zipper moves up and down.

Remove eye-makeup

Baby shampoo is a fantastic eye-makeup cleanser. Not only is it way cheaper that makeup removers, it’s also effective and can be less harsh for those who have dry or sensitive skin.

All you have to do is add a drop of baby shampoo to a cotton ball or cloth. If you don’t wear makeup, baby shampoo is also a fantastic daily face cleanser.

Revive dry skin

Are your feet or legs feeling dry? Before going to bed, apply baby shampoo to your feet and legs, and sleep in a pair of leggings or socks. You’ll wake up with softer skin, really!

Eliminate oils from combs

Over time, residue build-up can leave your hair brushes and combs looking dirty. To revive brushes and combs, fill a glass with warm water, mixed with a little bit of baby shampoo.

Let your comb and brushes soak for a few minutes, before drying with a towel. All hair and skin oils will be cleaned away.

Ease the pain of Band-Aid removal

If you dislike ripping off a Band-Aid, this trick is definitely worth a try. To ease the pain, put a small amount of shampoo on and around the band-aid. Once the liquid seeps through, the band-aid will peel off painlessly.

Make your own puppy shampoo

Dog shampoo can sometimes be a little expensive, and some are too harsh for some pets’ skin. To avoid a ridiculous price or an itching pet, combine baby shampoo with apple cider vinegar and hot water, and apply as normal.

 Have you used any of these methods before?